Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Be Kind to The Unkind...

So my husband and I were driving in a quite narrow road, which only fit for one car (and half) only, and it was already 7pm at night. And as predicted, there was a car coming from adverse direction from ours. we both stopped, my husband and the other driver got out from their cars and figured out whether they still can managed to go through. But it seemed that there was no possible way that the two cars could pass the same road at the same time. the other driver only said: "no..no..it's imposible..", with a frustated face (he was not that frustated, but his default face-sorry to say-is always frustated). So my husband calmly said: "Okay Pak, I will juts go backward". And he did. It was not an easy one since the road quite narrow and there were small canal (parit) on the edge. But finally, slowly, my husband made it: drive the car backwards for about 5-7 meters until we find a larger space to let the other car pass. we still open our car windows, the other car's windows are still open too, so that we can see each other faces. BUT, the other car just passed us, just go through without even noticing us who stopped and GIVE them a way. At first I was expecting the other driver would say thank you. But at the end, even we did not receive a single smile from him. I feel sad knowing that those kind of person existed. My husband only said: "I can tell from his face". So my husband actually already know from the begining, but still he did something for those driver.

And it happened again when I was in the KRL train from the office. There was a mother, probably in her late 40. She entered the packed train with 3 kids, 2 of them are still small, around 4 and 5 years old. Seeing this condition, a man which previously sit down, gave his seat to the mother. Instead of giving the seat to her kid, the mother took the seat for herself! Well, she said to her youngest kid to sit with her (dipangku), but the kid refused as the kid wanted to sit on her own. But the mother said with a bit high tone and force her youngest kid to sit in her thigh (dipangku). Finally the kid sit with her though. And not far from those mother, there was another person who will stop in the next station, and left the seat exactly infront of me empty. I took the chair for several seconds until I realized there was another kid of those mother, in the middle of the crowd. I gave my seat and asked those kid to sit. The mother looked surprise and happy, and she let her second kid to sit in my seat. Full stop. No more interaction with me, not even a single "thank you.." to me. 

Those two events made me think through (cieh), on WHY? and again, how can those kind of people existed? What kind of heart they have that can not be touched by kindness? 

However, I should not lose hope on fighting myself to always be kind. Being kind is my decision. Jakarta may be unfriendly to us, but we should be friendly to Jakarta. I believe that we should put some (good) colors in every place we stepped. And this time is for Jakarta. 


Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Early Congratulation to My Husband

So this is a story about the pursuit of a biggest dream. It was 3 years ago, in 2011, my used to be boyfriend, decided to kick out an invitation of medical check up test, the final test of PT. Pertamina PGE. It was his dream, indeed. He applied the vacancy and conducted all of the series selection since 2010, before we both met. He decided not to take those final test, which most likely would be accepted, "only" because that the job placement will be in somewhere outside Jakarta. If accepted, this would  jeopardize our marriage plan. We were not prepared to have a long distance marriage. So after discussing this and that, consulting here and there, my ex boyfriend -now my husband- did not attend the medical test and left his big chance to be part of PGE. It was a hard decision. It took me sometimes to ensure myself that those decision was okay. And i believed it took more time for my husband to do the same. But most of all, i admired my husband alot on his way of thinking on priority, on how he has been so firm with our marriage plan, and moreover, i was fascinated with his confidence on his capability that someday, he will make his very dream come true again, in other way.

So life goes on. My husband continued to have a series of engineering jobs, which make my husband a privilage to me. I always proud of what my husband do for his jobs,  most of them are in private sectors, or an outsourced employee in the governemnt enterprise. It goes until this last 3 years. He has been succeding his jobs. his three jobs in three years. His bright jobs, but not his career. Yes, not his career. He needs to have a larger contribution for society, not only for a (private) company. And most of all, there is a need for him to start building a career path, the thing he could not build highest in private mining and oil company in Jakarta.

So he decided to give Pertamina another shot. This time is Pertamina EP. He has been working for Pertamina EP here in the headquarter Jakarta with outsource status for a year until now. My husband explain to me that he is ready to pursue for a bigger contribution. To do so, he must be part of PEP, as a permanent employer. So he applied. And again, another series selection is joined, from capability test, english, interterview. He was invited again for the final selection: medical check up. It took more than half a year to complete the final result: he is accepted. He is granted an offering letter from PEP to be a permanent employee. But he will be placed in Prabumulih. It was both happy, and yet shocking news.

This offering letter has made us think hard this past few days. My husband asked to have quite sometimes to think. He would make his very best negotiation he could to make the offer better. And he was really doing his best to do so, i know. The fact that we have never been separated during our 3 years of marriage has made us think how we would cope with this option. And he has not come to the decision regarding this offer. We would give ourself sometime to think comprehensively about this.

However, regardles the decision we may take, or where luck will bring us,  i have to say: congratulation my husband! You have lived your biggest dream job from time to time..

My husband has been persistent in keeping a dream, and know how to give it a shot. For me, he already an employee of  the biggest government oil company he always dream of. Being accepted twice has shown enough of his capability i always respect. And i am so proud of him.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Aisha's Stimulation Activities

Aisha's genuine moves in Taman Suropati
First of all, I would like to aplogize for series of blog posts about Aisha, in english, this past few days. I was learning how to write in english, since I will have an English test this early January 2014. The most idea that enable me to write faster at this moment would be Aisha, so here we go I talk about Aisha over and over again, hehee. But, since this is my blog, I can just write what I want right? Haha. Thanks to Blogspot !

So in this post, I would like to review about Aisha's stimulation activities that has significant impacts on her development up to this almost 20 months old. I would also write about the activity I plan to do with her for the weekends, based on small research (read: Google), I have done during my free time in the office.  (I will write about those topic differently in other post).

Having taking care my own daughter for almost two years, I started to believe that Stimulatin is VERY VERY important. If we assume that baby's development is a product, stimulations are the machines to gain a fabricated product we expected. How we stimulate our kids will decide how our baby tends to be. For example, I just realized last night that I have been stimulating Aisha more on verbal and speech, which finally lead her to have more speech developments and skills than those of any "exercising/moves" activity. To prove, as I wrote before in my previous post, Aisha could speak mama and papa (and she meant it) before the agre of 12 months, but only walked after 14 months. 

Okay this is a list of stimulations that has been received by Aisha and has a significant impact to her development. Thus, I consider to continue give this stimulation.

1. Books related stimulation
Aisha reads a small books on her own.
I have been excited in baby books when I started to get pregnant. Yes, it was me who are excited. I myself do not love books unconditionally. Well, I read a book quite alot too though, but I read it merely because I feel I have to: to finish my job and to increase my knowledge consciously. I think my "book relationship" is resulted of my education backgrounds which encourage me to read alot as a social science student, and I did alot. But I remember I havelimited access to book when I was a kid, especially those good books, due to my family financial condition. Thus, to thank God that I could buy good books for my daughter, I always excited whenever I see a goog books: full colour, simple but not merely page (usually come with sounds, furr, magnet, wipe page, etc), I bought the books and read them to Aisha. My husband usually gives me a comment, if not a complaint, on why I buy more books while Aisha already have many. Until he sees the result that Aisha loves those book and start to "read" at the age of  1,5 year. Well, Aisha could not read the words of course, but she could already understand the story I told her, she could pointed out most of every objects in the books, she could imitate most of words I read to her, and even she started to read on her own using her own words and imagination! Besides, Aisha already able to ask me to read her a book before she sleep, she said "butu..butu.." while pointing a book shelf above our bed. She has several favourite books and ask her dolls to read the books: "Gadah..bata..bata..butu.." while holding her elephant dolls in front of the book.

2. Outdoor Stimulations
Well, Aisha's outdoor stimulation was not on a daily basis since both of me and my husband work a full day on the weekdays, and we do not allow our baby sitter to go outside the house with Aisha frequently. But I try to make our weekend the best outdoor activities for her. I almost as excited as her when we have a morning walk in the neighborhood. At first I showed her about birds, cat, trees, leaves, rain, water, ponds, and fish to her. And now she is the one who told me those outdoor stuffs by pointing her finger and said the words: "itan mandi" (kan mandi), "ain" (air), "poyon" (pohon), "buyun" (burung), "kutin" (kucing). I also encourage her to relate the outdoor objects with songs and then sing together. We sing about Burung Kutilang, Burung Hantu, Pelangi, Naik Kereta, etc. Actually I have a wish to plan a weekend class for Aisha, thaught by me with specific target and indicator. But I never managed to do it intetionally. 

Aisha asked us to ride her a horse in ITB Campus in one sunday morning

Ragunan Cycling is one of our most routine outdoor activities

Watering is her favourite
Sunday morning walks in Car Free Day
3. Speech Stimulation
Both me and my husband are enjoy to speak (well, talkative you may say :p). Both of us can spend hours to just talk at home, although we already meet everyday, haha. And probably Aisha also inherit this behaviour. In her 20 months no, she almost never stop making a sound from her mouth: either speaking, singing, laughing and smiling, or crying! We stimulate her to speak conciously though. We talked to Aisha since the first day she was born. We asked her every question a baby should ask, like: "itu apa?", "Mau kemana?", "Yang mana?", "Kenapa?", "dari mana?" to stimulate her, and we succeed, she started to ask questions now: "Apa itu?/apa ini?" and "Mana?". We talk to her in our language (I never try to imitate her baby voice such as tutu for susu, butu for buku, etc). This helps Aisha learn the correct word faster. I remember that she learnt to say: Mimik for only 2 weeks. The first she said: "mam" for "mimik", then it improved into "mik", and she said correctly "mimik" after 2 weeks. Also, we tried to tell her every objects and activities she sees and does. At first she did not responded on what we said (for example we said "Aisha sedang makan nasi"), and then she  imitated our words, and now she is the one who explain to us what she does: "ayta mam nayi". I don't know with other babies, but I am sure that the ability of Aisha's speech in her 20 months old now is on the advanced development of her stage.
She said: "adek..mimik ya?" to a doll. Ah she is no longer a baby.
Aihsa shows us where is Simbah, and here she goes pointing while laughing.
4. Stimulation with Educative Toys
I guess most parents like to buy toys for their kids. I do too. But what makes me excited in buying new toys for her is that I believe those toys could build someting in Aisha's development. BUT, actually, the bad news is that, most of Aisha's toys is educative toys...and probably less fun than any challenging toys. I realized this when my husband reminded me that Aisha's toys are "serious" ones (wooden blocks, bricks, wire game, Do-re-mi musics, books, flash cards, sortings, etc). Well, I don't want to waste my money, right? haha. Luckily since last week Aisha started her daycare. And in the daycare there are aloooot of challenging toys that attract Aisha's attention. It was a surprised for me that she enjoyed alot the toys, and stimulate her to move, to walk, to climb, and probably boost her adrenalin (plosotan) as she plays them by her own. So I guess this combination has been perfect for her, Alhamdulillah.
A corner where we gather most of Aisha's toys
I counted she almost able to recognize more than 60 pictures from a card/books.
Toys in the daycare
Toys presentation :p
Okay this is for now. To sum up, stimulation is a need for every baby. As a parent, I feel that I have the utmost responsibility in giving her the stimulations she should receive. Moreover, I feel that Aisha is receiving new informations and knowledge from me faster and better. She always shows her happy faces when I teach her something. It is indeed true that a moslem proverb said: a mother is the biggest madrasah (school) for her kids. I pray to Allah that He will ease my way in educating Aisha in the most possible way I could, to increase my knowledge to be the best mother and school for Aisha's development.

I also thanks to God for entrusting Aisha in our care.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Aisha's Development after the Daycare

My previous post mainly talked about The Daycare and how I feel about the daycare I have choosen. In this post, I would like to mainly review some of Aisha's development (or behaviour) after her several days spent in the daycare. This post is both for a note-taking for myself to know Aisha's progress after the daycare, and also to calm myself that Aisha is okay and will be okay to spend her time in the daycare (*harap maklum masih was-was juga). So here some points of Aisha's development and changes after we put her 5 days in the daycare:

1. Talk alot MORE
I know that Aisha has been a "chatty" baby. Her verbal development has always been faster than her other development. For example, she started to walk in her 14 months old, but she already called mama and papa (and she meant it) since her 9 months old. Before her first birthday, Aisha already mastered the concept of me by saying "Ayta". 
BUT, just right after she experienced daycare, she talk alot mooore and mooore. She always comments on everything she sees, such as: "Mama...tatii...ayta naik tatii" (Aisha naik taksi), or when she sees a train on the road: "tetaa...atiik..atiik..ayta naik tetaa". Those kind of things. If there is nothing attract her attentions, she sings!! And she already mastered several songs by herself, of course using her own words: Cicak di dinding, Naik kereta api, Matahari terbenam. And several songs with our helps: Balonku ada lima, Burung Kutilang, Bebek Bebekku, and many more.  Aisha also can say "Dah ampe.." (udah nyampai) when we stop our vehicle and arrived home. Also, she said: "Baju pate..pate.." (Pakai baju), or correcting us by saying "Butan...butan.." (bukan), such as when the clothes we wear or she wears is not as her expectation. 

2. Interested in other people
Well, I can say that before Aisha went to the daycare, I am the only one who she preffered. Seriously, even compared to her father. When we met new people, even our family, Aisha always want to be with me all the time. She doesn't want to be in touch with her grandmother, grandfather, uncle, auntie, although she already know them (she pointed out her grandmother when asked where is "mbah").  Annnd...just right after 3 days Aisha spent in daycare, her grandmother visited from Jogja, and for the first time in life: Aisha recognize her grandmother!!! She often pointed out "ini mbah..", and also "Ayo mbah..main..", or "Mbah..yayi yayi" (ngajak mbah nya lari-lari). She showed her toys to Mbah, her books, her dolls, as if Aisha was making a presentation. And for the jackpot: Aisha refused me to help her taking a bath, and said: "mbah..mbah..ayta mandi..." Aisha asked my mother! haha. It was a surprising experience for my mother. 
Also, Aisha started to greet her friends in our neighborhood when we meet them in morning walk. She said happily to one of 3 years old girl: "Ayta mam..ayta mam.." (Aisha makan) while pointing me feeding her. Also she cheered "Dadaah..dadaah..." when there is another little girl waving her goodbye.

3. More active
The first day Aisha cameback from the daycare, her legs are warm, shows that she is tired. It was not surprising me though: one hour I observed her in the daycare, she walk around every corner to play the toys, She played the swing for a while, and then walk again to play "Plosotan", and then walk agoin to play "Kuda-kudaan", and stop by playing dolls, and imitate what her friends play, and all and all. Maybe Aisha is still excited to see alot of her favourite toys in a large colourfull rooms. 

4. Imitating every new words "perfectly"
Before, Aisha was only imitating the end sound of the world. Such as, when we said "dingin", she only said "ngin..". But now, she imitates whatever we said to her. When I said in the daycare: "Aisha pulang ya...", and talked to her friends while waving goodbye, she directly followed me saying "Ayta puyaan..ayta puyaan..dada..". And she suddenly can answer my greeting "Assalamualaikum", and she answered: "Ayaa..yayam.." Actually we forget to teach her about this, only practising in front of her. But  in her daycare, of course she practices alot this greeting for opening the classes and closings.  And now, Aisha also started to imitate whatever we said, from "mama mau kerja" (and she will said "Ayta teda") up to "Aduh..aduh..aduh..".

5. Eat by herself ALOT
In the daycare, Aisha sit together in small chairs with her friends, eating 3 times a day and 2 times snacking. The teacher always reported that Aisha eat alot, especially in the morning and evening (in afternoon at 11.30am usually she eats a little as Aisha has been eating alot during breakfast at 7 am and followed by snacking at 10 am). Although Aisha has mastered eating by herself before (since she practised Baby Led Weaning since 6 months old), but I still surprised that she is able to eat alot on her own. And just after this 5 days in daycare, I feel that Aisha has gained more weight. Alhamdulillah.

6. More Laugh and Alive
I dont know how to describe this "Alive". But Aisha has been very enthusiastic after her experience in daycare. She sings with very wide smiles, and sometimes clapping hand (I never teach her clapping while singing), and after finish a song, she will clap the hands and cheers: "yeeeeee!".For sure this is what she experienced in school. Also, she laughed alot when I play her some funny faces or tickling. She sings whenever there is a chance (while playing dolls, while reading a book, or while we are on the way to go). I hope that this enthusiasim is a result of her happines in the daycare.

In sum, I am so happy to put Aisha in daycare. Whenever I come home from the office and pick her, I feel so happy as I feel I will meet Aisha with another new things. Daycare turns our to give her a new and exciting experiences for Aisha in every aspects: new toys, new songs, new games, new words, and new friends. I do hope and pray that this very good developments will always follow Aisha's time in daycare in the future. I do hope Aisha could stop crying when we leave her (she still did though). 

Most of all, I pray to Allah that He will guide and bless our little Aisha in every aspect of her life, anytime, anywhere. Amiin.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Aisha's First Days in Daycare (19 Months Old)

Bening Daycare
The Daycare
Due to one and the other things (bahasa Inggrisnya "karena satu dan yang lain hal" kayak begini bukan sih? hehe), we decided to no longer hire my baby Sitter for Aisha. I have to admit that I feel very sad since the baby sitter has helped us since Aisha was born, 1,5 years ago. Aisha loves her too. However, at this moment, I am not thinking to look for another nanny, I know that my perfection and high qualification for a nanny will make it next to impossible to find a new nanny in Jakarta in a short time. Therefore, I prefer to search for the a good daycare in my neighborhood than to try to find a replacement of our previous nanny. In short, after visiting 4 daycares around our house in Depok, and reviewing so many others through their websites, we finally decided to put Aisha in "Bening Daycare", located around 2 KM from our house, and on the way to the train station. There are several considerations on why finally we choose this daycare among some others:
  • The toys are abundant! And most of them are Aisha's favourite which we do not have at home (since they are "big--and expensive-toys", only see them in Playgrounds --and Ace Hardware of course haha), such as: Ayunan,Plosotan, and 5 types of  colourful "kuda-kudaan", all from famous brand Little Tickes, etc. This toys are apart from any other toys such as dolls, puzzle, blocks, wire game, balls, etc. Also there are several small chairs and tables which always attract Aisha's attention; Aisha loves to say: "duduk..duduk..". Some other Daycares do not have the toys as this much, or they keep the toys only for a special sessions (not being exposed all the time), and Aisha already has most of the toys in other daycares at home.
  • The location is just soooo perfect. It is close to our house, and we can drop Aisha before we go to train station for working. Even I picked Aisha by my own, using motorcycle (I put Aisha's in my "gendongan punggung"), as I only take a short rute and a quite one.
  • The environment is homy where the main "caregiver" is the family in the house: Mother (the owner), Grandmother (Aisha called her "nenek", which is new for her since she always called grandmother with "mbah"). There are 2 additional teachers who come from 8am to teach a session, and continue to take care of the kids up to the evening. 
  • The house is quite big, it is alot bigger than our house and all of the locations are functioned as playground. I like this environment as Aisha will always be in the playground most of the time, the place where all kids should be.
  • The class session is just matched for me. It is only 1 to 2 hours in the morning from 8 am to 9.30 maximum. And the activities are vary from religious activities (hafalan doa dan surat, sholat), singings, skills (menempel, mewarnai), and sports (dancing, gyms, etc). The daycare mentioned about filed trip to zoo, seaworld and other outdoor places as well, but I guess occasionally.

Aisha's Favourite Toys in Daycare
However, apart from its best part, this daycare also lacks in several aspects, such as:
  • Since this daycare is a "Home Daycare" the rules are not that strict. For example, when it is said the session will be started at 8 am, it can happen at 8.30 am (well but as babies, who cares right?). Also, for a sleep time, they are not really force the kids to sleep (like closing the door, not allowed to play during sleep time, etc). Well this is probably still okay though, since as babies, their world are only play and play as they wish. But Aisha ever experience 1 hour sleep only in daycare as she always want to go back to the playground during sleeptime. When Aisha is taken care by the baby sitter at home, she sleep for a minimum 2 ours in a daytime
  • The ratio of kids and the caretaker in the daycare are sometimes to much. there are 10-14 kids maximum (depend on whether the kids come or not) with only 3-4 caretaker. Actually I do not really mind about this ratio since the kids is mostly at the age of 2,5 years (the oldest is 4 years: 2 kids). However, I hope that the daycare be "strict" in accepting of refusing kids because of quota.
  • The place should have been more cleaner. I dont know, I have quite high standar for this cleanlines, especially in other's place (ya kalau rumah sendiri kotor2 mah gapapaa, hehehe).
  • Oh ya, the enrollment fee is very expensive, most expensive of other daycares I visited in Depok. But the monthly fee is okay.

Aisha's Experience
The night before Aisha's first day in daycare, I cried alot. I really really cried in anxiety and despair : what would happen to Aisha tomorrow? what if she was not listened? How could aisha ask for food and drink? what if aisha want to be hugged? how the daycare will fulfil her needs? I talked to my husband how worry I am, how I feel sorry for what has happened, and why I can not just be with Aisha all the time? *ngelantur

However, my dear Aisha is a nice and clever one. I have been sounding to her that she will no longer with the babysitter the day after, and will go to school. Aisha responded happily, and she repeated after me "Aita toyah" (Aisha sekolah). She was very happy when we bring her on the way to train station. She usually cries when we leave her for office. She said : "Aita itut..tut.." (Aisha ikut). And she sang happily on the way to the daycare. In short,however,  she cried right after we give her to the caregiver in the daycare. I cried too. But we have to leave. She stopped crying after we leave.

The teacher reported that Aisha asked her friends to sing her "cicak di dinding song". Then Aisha danced while her friends was singing. However, when the song stopped, Aisha start to cry  hahaha. On the second day, Aisha's command to her friends was not only to sing. This time, she asked her friends to sit down on small chairs. Most of her friends are not responded, then Aisha cried. Her teacher reported me that Aisha already has a sense of leadership hahahaha. At first I was afraid that Aisha will feel intimidated among other new friends in daycare. But I am wrong: she is very confidence and even try to take a lead, haha. Ah you are sooo your father (and your mother too hehehe).

On a second day, Aisha has been famous for having "lagu kebangsaan Aisha": cicak di dinding, naik kereta api, dan burung hantu. She is very happy (claping and laughing) when her friends sing those songs. Finally the teacher starts the classes by singing those songs to cheer Aisha. On the way home, Aisha also sings by herself various songs, mostly those 3 songs (well of course in her own language, but very clear on the word "cicak cicak di dinding", and naik kereta api "tuut..tuuut..tuuut"). I can see cheerfullnes in Aisha's behaviour after finishing the daycare. Even on the second day, Aisha refused to go home, hahaha. I came to pick her when she played ayunan with Nenek. I observed for a minute from distance that Aisha sang together with Nenek who helped her play ayunan (mengayun). Aisha smiles alot. When I approached, she laughs. She pointed me her favourites toys: "itu tuda (kuda)", "ni yun-yun (ayunan)", "ni yotan (plosotan)" with smiles. And when I said let's go home, she firmly said: "emoooooh...". However, in her third day today, she still cried when I leave her in the daycare. 

Any other good things that the teacher reported is that: Aisha eats alot in the daycare! hahaha what a surprise! Well Aisha is not a difficult eater, but this past few days, she has been eating a little. But the teacher reported that Aisha eat by her own alot! using spoon!! She finished most of the eating sessions, and even once finish her friend's, haha. I did not really believe at first, but when I touch her belly: oh big!  Alhamdulillah. Probably because she eats together with several friends in a small table and chair. Or maybe her competition insting makes her feel should eat more than the others, haha.

I pray to God that this Bening Daycare is the best for Aisha in boosting her potentials: her new skills and learnings, her socialization skills, her inteligence, her bravery, and her health as well. I am so thankful on how God "forced" me to new plan, to go out of my comfort zone and put Aisha in the daycare.

The unfortune event of loosing Aisha's babysitter, which actually hit me alot, has turned into another happiness I have never imagined before. This is how Allah remind me to always put trust in Him. There is one verse 51 of At Taubah  which I always bear in mind: 

"Say...nothing can happen to me except what Allah has ordered for me. He is our Master. It is in Allah that the believer should put their TRUST."

Happy Faces!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pengalaman Mengajar

Hari ini untuk kedua kalinya saya mengajar. Kali ini masih dalam training yang diselenggarakan oleh Lembaga Teknik UI di Kampus Salemba, sama seperti ketika pertama kali saya mengajar. Saya diminta untuk memberikan materi terkait Kriteria Penilaian Proyek, khususnya kalau dalam kapasitas saya adalah yang dibiayai dari pinjaman luar negeri. So far, tema ini yang memang paling saya kuasai dan relevan dengan kapasitas pekerjaan saya di kantor. Sebelumnya, selama satu tahun (periodik, tidak sepanjang tahun), saya mendapat training terkait Project Assesment, yang tentu saja membahas kriteria penilaian proyek yang dimaksud.

OK selanjutnya saya tidak akan membahas detail materi paparan saya, kalau mau membahasnya lebih lanjut, bisa undang saya lagi sebagai pengajar..heheheh *ditimpuk penghapus

Hari ini, selesai mengajar, saya keluar kelas dengan rasa puas dan optimisme luar biasa. Di kelas saya tadi, pesertanya adalah para PNS yang berasal dari Pemda (Bappeda, Dinas PU, Setda Kabupaten, Kanwil Kemenag, Setda Pemkot, bahkan ada pula dosen dari STAIN), dari beberapa daerah di Indonesia. Saya takjub bagaimana mereka dengan SANGAT antusias menerima materi yang saya sampaikan, mereka juga aktif bertanya dan sharing pengalaman terkait materi saya dalam konteks mereka di daerah. Dari pertanyaan dan sharing-sharing mereka, saya merasakan bahwa mereka adalah orang yang idealis, padahal usia mereka sudah tidak muda lagi (ya tapi jangan bayangkan juga orang tua masuk kelas hehe, ya 35-40 tahun lah).

Sebagai contoh, mereka bercerita bahwa suatu ketika ada pihak dari pemerintah pusat datang dan menyampaikan akan membuat sebuah proyek infrastruktur bandara di kabupaten tersebut. Peserta training itu menjelaskan bahwa setelah dia mempelajari kembali dokumen RTRW atau dokumen perencanaan kota lainnya, sebenarnya proyek tersebut tidak ada dalam rencana tata kota mereka. Namun demikian, mereka tetap menyetujui pembangunan tersebut karena proyek tersebut sesuai prioritas nasional. Yang saya salut adalah, upaya dia untuk mempelajari kembali dokumen2 perencanaan kota yang sudah ada, dan dia gunakan untuk "mendebat" usulan proyek dari pemerintah pusat. Hal ini berbeda dengan kasus umum yang terjadi dimana proyek besar adalah sesuatu yang dinanti2 oleh daerah, apalagi jika itu proyeknya pemerintah pusat, artinya daerah tidak perlu menyediakan dana utamanya. Sebelumnya peserta ini menanyakan tentang poin-poin yang saya tulis sebagai syarat pemenuhan kesediaan tanah (saya menulis aapa yang sudah diatur dalam Peraturan Pemerintah), namun peserta ini menambahkan perlunya menambah komponen RTRW yang jelas, karena hal itu bisa sangat mengganggu.

Peserta yang lain ada yang menanyakan salah satu contoh proyek yang tergolong berhasil dari Kementerian Pertanian, dalam hal ini adalah proyek FEATI yang dikoordinasikan di direktorat saya . Kebetulan ada salah satu peserta lain ada yang pernah terlibat dalam proyek itu di level daerah, dan memberikan gambaran bagaimana proyek tersebut diterima oleh masyarakat dan pelaksanaan proyeknya benar-benar melibatkan petani di wilayah kabupatennya. Hingga saat ini, proyek yang telah selesai tersebut masih sering dibicarakan oleh masyarakat karena manfaatnya masih dirasakan. Saya terhanyut mendengarkan penjelasan peserta tersebut, di samping sebenarnya saya tidak begitu tahu keberhasilan proyek itu di level gras root penerima manfaatnya. DI level kami di pusat, proyek itu memang sering pula disebut dan diusulkan untuk direplikasikan melalui pendanaan dari dana rupiah.

Di akhir paparan saya, setelah saya menutup sesi saya, saya sempat bertanya darimana mereka mengetahu informasi terkait training ini. Saya bertanya demikian karena kagum atas betapa besarnya cakupan peserta yang ada, bayangkan dari Pemkot Salatiga, Karawang,hingga Lombok Barat, Manado, dan Empat Lawang (ayoo googling dimana kabupaten itu!). Dan jawaban mereka justru lebih membuat saya kagum: "kami cari sendiri bu, dapat dari websitenya Bappenas (Pusbindiklatren). Kalau menunggu dari provinsi atau atasan, ga akan bisa sampai sini...". (untuk teman2 yang ingin mengikuti  beragam training dan diklat yang diselenggarakan Bappenas, bisa klik link ini).

Wow! Saya yang selama ini menginginkan sebuah training di negara yang masuk dalam "Wish List" tertohok juga dan menanyakan pada diri sendiri: "Apa yang sudah saya lakukan untuk mencari dan mengupayakannya sendiri?"

Lalu, sebelum saya akhirnya harus benar-benar pergi, mereka bertanya terkait suka duka saya menjadi Staf JFP (Jabatan Fungsional Perencana). Memang saya akui banyak sekali suka nya, walaupun saya belum pernah merasakan jadi staf non fungsional perencana. Intinya mereka menyampaikan keinginan mereka untuk mengambil jalur funsgional JFP. Saya jelaskan sebatas kemampuan dan pengetahuan saya. Saya sampaikan pula bahwa peserta training ini pada periode sebelumnya, ada satu orang dari Basarnas kalau saya tidak salah ingat, adalah satu-satunya JFP di lembaga tersebut, yang mengupayakan sendiri juga untuk jadi JFP. Alhasil sekarang, beliau banyak ditanyai temen2nya yang ingin jadi JFP juga tapi tidak tau harus bagaimana. Pernyataan saya tersebut ternyata membuat mereka bersemangat dan yakin untuk bisa mengupayakan menjadi JFP.

Ah, saya senang sekali hari ini. Saya seperti melihat sebenarnya ada banyak mutiara-mutiara di pedalaman yang bersinar cerah. Yang setiap harinya menjalankan pemerintahan ini dengan penuh semangat, yang ternyata gak selalu anak muda, yang gak selalu orang yang pandai bahasa inggris seperti mereka di pemerintah pusat, yang sangat semangat dan yang bisa diajak berbagi idealisme menjalankan negara.

Ah saya memang mengajar mereka hari ini, tapi saya yakin, apa yang saya dapatkan sama banyaknya dengan mereka, bahkan lebih!

*dan tak lupa sebelum pulang, pihak panitia memberikan amplop coklat dan tandatangan di atas materai kepada saya. Alhamdulillah :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Celoteh Aisha: 17 Months

Sudah sadar ketika dipanggil "Aishaa.."

Alhamdulillah, di usia aisha 17 bulan ini, sebentar lagi 1,5 tahun, hal yang paliiiiing terlihat dari perkembangannya adalah "speech development", kalau orang jawa bilangnya "ngoceh". Banyak kata-kata baru yang mulai bisa dia tirukan dengan jelas, seperti "bobok", "duduk", "mimik", "pipis", "ayok", "bis" dan yang paling lucu: "anduk".  Kata-kata itu di samping beberapa kata lain yang sudah dia bisa sebelumnya seperti: "enak","tedes (pedes)",  "jatuh", "aduh", "ndak ada", "gajah", dsb..., dan tentu saja "mama", "papa".  Oh ya, walaupun Aisha udah tinggal sejak bayi di Jakarta, tapi alhamdulillah dia masih "medhok" hahaha. Sukses deh saya sebagai orang tua! *malah bangga*. Perkembangan lain yang cukup signifikan dari speech development Aisha adalah di usia ini, Aisha sudah mulai bisa merangkai 2 kata! Kalau sebelumnya Aisha hanya bicara satu kata demi satu kata, sekarang Aisha mulai bisa mengatakan: "Papa bobok", "Mama ndak ada",  "Ayta mam", ya walaupun rangkaiannya masih sebatas Subjek+Predikat, belum masuk ke S+P+O+K, *lu kira guru bahasa! hehe

Celotehan Aisha seringkali lucu, tapi lebih sering tak terduga... berikut beberapa yang saya ingat... hehe.

1. Bernyanyi...
Suatu ketika Aisha bergumam sendiri seperti orang menyanyi karena nadanya naik turun, kata-katanya gak putus2, tapi sama sekali ga jelas artinya, misalnya: "magama..tataga.. bla..bla.. (makin ga jelas, tapi nada suara naik turun)", dan tiba tiba ditutup dengan "uhuuu...uhuuu....uhuuu..." (nada lagu burung hantu). Haha rupanya dia dari tadi maksudnya nyanyi "Matahari terbenam, hari mulai malam...dst" (burung hantu). Lagu burung hantu ini lumayan sering dinyanyikan akhir2 ini, lagu lainnya adalah "Balonku ada lima"  dan "cicak-cicak di dinding". Kita taunya Aisha lagi nyanyi adalah pas tiba-tiba di tengah2 bergumam, dia berkata "doorrr" untuk lagu balonku, atau "Hap!" untuk lagu cicak.

All by herself: Naik sofa!
2. "Papa (selalu) bobok"
"Bobok" adalah kata-kata terbaru yang bisa diucapkan Aisha dengan sempurna hingga 17 bulan ini. Alhasil, dia seneng banget "menggunakan" kata "bobok" ini. Sekarang kalau mengajak saya untuk tidur, dia tidak hanya menarik2 saya ke kamar tidur, tetapi sambil berkata "ayok...bobok..". Oh, how sweet. Lucunya, ketika dia bermain robot2an kucing yang bisa berjalan sendiri, tiba2 dia membalik kucingnya sehingga kaki kucingnya gerak2 sendiri di atas (jawa: cekakaran), sambil tertawa, Aisha berkata: "bobok..bobok..". Ternyata kucingnya "dipaksa" bobok haha. Seringkali, ketika kami tidur bersama (Saya, Aisha dan papanya), Aisha bangun lebih dulu dan mengajak saya bermain, dan meninggalkan papanya yang masih tertidur manis. Saat bermain itulah Aisha berkata: "Papa ndak ada...", dan saya jawab: "Iya, papa bobok". Sejak saat itu, tiap kali kami bermain dan papanya nggak ikutan, Aisha selalu bergumam sendiri "papa bobok..papa bobok..". Haha, seperti nemu momen yang pas untuk mengucap bobok!

Aisha and papa
3. Tawa terindah
Di usia 17 bulan ini lah, Aisha makin  terlihat menunggu-nunggu orang tuanya pulang dari kantor sore hari. Alhamdulillah beberapa bulan terakhir, load pekerjaan kantor tidak terlalu tinggi, sehingga saya bisa pulang teng jam 4 dari kantor. Hal ini menjadikan Aisha seperti punya memori tersendiri bahwa "jam segini mama papa ku sebentar lagi pulang". Dan benar saja, sekitar jam 5an, Aisha sudah berlari ke arah jendela depan ketika mendengar suara motor mendekati rumah. Biasanya dia sedang bermain di ruang tengah, dan berlari ke depan menuju jendela ketika mendengar suara motor mirip kami. Kata embaknya, biasanya motor kami datang setelah Aisha 1-2 kali "keliru" mengira kami sudah datang. Dan yang dia lakukan ketika kami datang: melihat ke jendela, menjerit "aaaaa..." sambil tertawa lebar, lalu membuka pintu, dan mulai ngoceh tidak putus-putus, nunjuk dinding, mainan, lemari, taman, semuanya..entah apa yang dia ceritakan :)). Tapi pernah suatu kali, saya terlambat pulang ke rumah, hingga pukul 7 malam. Waktu itu ndilalah pas papanya dinas ke luar kota.  Ketika saya pulang, Aisha sudah BERDIRI menunggu di jendela, melihat keluar dan langsung berteriak "Mamaaaaa..." dan menjerit tertawa sangat senang. Hingga saat ini, saya merasa itu adalah tawa aisha paling bahagia yang pernah kulihat.

Loves watering
4. Toilet Training: Failed!
Well, aku belum benar-benar mencoba memberi Toilet Training sih. Cuma kemarin Aisha sempat kucoba tidak pakai pampers selama satu jam lebih. Salah juga sih gak pakein pampers pas anaknya habis minum air putih segaban. Alhasil dalam sejam itu, Aisha udah pipis 5 kali. Hari itu juga Aisha kuajari mengucap "pipis". sukses, dia bisa menirukan sempurna, tapi tetap belum bisa bilang pipis tiap sebelum atau sesudah pipis, jadi harus saya cek sendiri celananya secara rutin. Ketika ketahuan celananya basah itulah, saya bertanya ke Aisha "Pipis ya? tadi pipisnya dimana?", dan Aisha dengan semangatnya mengacungkan tempat dimana dia tadi pipis, sambil berkata "niiih..niih". Itu kalau beruntung, karena beberapa kali Aisha mengacungkan ke arah celananya sendiri ketika kutanya tadi pipis dimana. *yaiyalah pipisnya di celanaaaaa, tapi dimanaaaa celananya tadi dipipisiiiin?? :)))

Taman Suropati

5. Aisha is me..
Mulai bulan ke 17 ini pula, Aisha seperti sudah mengenali dirinya sendiri *jieeeh. Memang bulan-bulan sebelumnya juga sudah mulai kenal, bahkan bisa menyebut namanya sendiri ketika ditanya, tapi bulan ke 17 ini merupakan "milestone". Dia sudah 100% benar ketika ditanya "Aisha mana?" ("niiih.." sambil nepuk2 dada), juga beberapa kali meneriakkan namanya sendiri "Aytaaa...aytaaa..." ketika kami tengah sibuk melakukan aktifitas sendiri. Entah apa maksudnya, tapi kami mengartikan sebagai: "count me in...ikutkan aisha dalam aktifitas kaliaan.." hehe. Trus kemarin Aisha kami belikan boneka gajah, karena nemu yang lembut, mirip, dan murah. Sesuai tebakan, Aisha seneng banget (langsung teriak "gajah!" dan dinaikin!!---pdhl gak besar). Dan beberapa saat setelah itu, kami bertanya: "Ini gajahnya siapa?", dengan cepat dia jawab: "Ayta...". Haha giliran begini aja cepet :)))

Aisha's territory
OK, sepertinya itu dulu. Saya baru menyadari bahwa memiliki anak itu lucu, literally: LUCU, karena bikin ketawa, atau at least senyum2 sendiri haha. Ketika di bawah satu tahun dulu kan ya "lucu" tapi dalam artian "menggemaskan", kayak boneka gitu, lembut, halus, dan empuk!:)). Nah usia belasan bulan ini mungkin usia puncak kelucuan itu. Kenapa saya berkata begitu? Karena kakak ipar saya, anaknya umur 2,5 tahun sempat berkata: "Wah dek, anakku udah besar, udah gak lucu lagi..aku punya anak lagi aja apa ya..." *gubrakkkk

*langsung sign out

Ragunan Zoo

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dokter Anak Paling Keren Sedunia

*OK, judulnya lebay hehe..

Alkisah Aisha minggu lalu sakit. Awalnya hanya batuk sesekali, kemudian disusul batuk pake muntah, bersamaan dengan keluarnya lendir batuk. Mungkin lendirnya bikin gatel jadi reflek untuk dikeluarin, alhasil muntah deh. Dan ini terjadi beberapa kali dalam sehari, sehingga nyaris semua makanan yang dimakan Aisha, keluar semua seharian itu. Aisha jadi langsung tambah kuruus. Hal ini membuat saya izin dari kantor selama 3 hari dari Rabu-Jumat. Alhamdulillah dibolehkan oleh (para) atasan, dan didoakan semoga lekas sembuh. Kalau difikir2, ini adalah pertama kalinya saya izin kantor karena anak sakit, setelah 1,5 tahun usia aisha. Alhamdulillah, Aisha sangat jarang sakit.

Sejak hari pertama sakit, suami saya sudah sangat khawatir.  Selama ini saya lebih "kalem" dalam hal menyikapi sakit anak, dan tidak pernah punya pikiran untuk segera berobat ke dokter. Di hari ke 2, suami saya mulai mengajukan opsi untuk ke dokter. Sebenarnya kami memiliki prinsip yang sama terkait "Rational Used of Medicine/RUM", cuma suami saya jauh lebih gampang khawatir dan nggak sabaran untuk buru2 minum obat asal bisa CEPAT sembuh. Maka, supaya keinginan suami saya untuk membawa Aisha ke dokter bisa "kusetujui", dia mencari-cari dokter yang terkenal dengan RUM nya. Selama ini di Depok kita belum pernah nemu dokter yang cocok dengan prinsip kami, sudah ganti dokter sekian kali untuk imunisasi, malah  semakin membuat kita "hopeless" untuk nemu yang cocok di Depok.

Akhirnya suami saya nemu juga dokter yang recomended di "Markas Sehat" di daerah Ragunan. Dari penjelasan suami, saya langsung yakin ini pasti recomended, apalagi jaraknya masih terjangkau juga dari rumah. Sebenarnya ada opsi lain yaitu di Kemang Medical Center, tapi  katanya untuk periksa ke sana perlu waktu booking seminggu sebelumnya... whaat??ampun deh, bisa2 udah sembuh anakku (lah ya bagus dong??hehe).

Singkat cerita, di hari ketiga Aisha sakit, sampai juga lah saya di Markas Sehat, dan dapat seorang dokter anak senior (50 tahunan lebih) namanya Dokter Wati. daaaaannn...pembicaraan/konsultasi saya dengan dokter itu membuatku jumpalitan gedubrakan, entah mau seneng atau sedih, yang jelas kaget bin terheran-heran.....

Pertama-tama, dokter menanyakan anaknya sakit apa? hari pertama muntah berapa kali? hari kedua berapa kali? hari ketiga (hari itu) berapa kali? BAB per hari selama sakit berapa kali? encer atau tidak? Saya jawab hari pertama muntah 5 kali tapi semua makanan keluar semua, hari kedua 4 kali mungkin (lupa), hari ketiga baru sekali dan makanan udah ga keluar, cuma lendir aja dikiit. BAB juga sekitar 3 kali sehari (biasnaya sehari sekali), bahkan di hari ke 3 belum BAB. Dan ternyata jawaban saya itu membuat saya "diceramahi" (baca: diomelin) habis-habisan:

Dokter: "Ah ibuuu...kalau cuma begini ngapain harus ke dokter?! Ibu baca-baca dong.. itu sakitnya sudah mau sembuh, dan masih wajar. Tuh anaknya aja masih bisa nangis kenceng" 

(saya melongo--ini dokter nggak butuh duit apa yak)
Dokter lagi: " Ibu harus banyak baca-baca, ikut milis sehat, buka web nya milis sehat, penyakit anak ibu ada semua di sana jadi ga perlu dibawa kesini yang seperti ini. Ibu-ibu jaman sekarang maunya cari dokter yang RUM, tapi dikit-dikit ke dokter, nggak mau belajar sendiri, nanti kalau dokternya korupsi gimana kayak ketua MK? kita juga manusia lo bu...."

Saya takjub dan mengingat-ingat semalem mimpi apa. Gak tau mau bilang apa, tapi saya sempatkan untuk tertawa nyengir, dan nyelertuk: "iya dok, habisnya saya khawatir soalnya semua makanan keluar semua, dan sekarang anaknya cuma mau makan dikit2...itu beratnya juga langsung turun dok..."

Sambil meriksa mata,  lubang telinga dan mulut aisha pake senter khusus, bu dokter menjawab:
"Ya wajar dong Bu, namanya anak sakit ga doyan makan, kalau ibu sakit aja juga ga mau makan kan?" 

Saya masih bersikukuh untuk bertanya mengapa berat badan anak saya kecil? apakah perlu suplemen makanan? apakah perlu tambahan zat besi karena katanya kekurangan zat besi bisa bikin kurus. dan ini berakhir dengan kuliah "sesi kedua" yang dijelaskan lagi bahwa anak kurus bisa beragam, dan ADB (Anemia Defisiensi Besi) itu hanya salah satunya, tapi untuk mengatakan itu harus via tes lab skrining zat besi... Jangan asal kasih tambahan multivitamin, daan lagi2 dibilang itu semua ada di milissehat itu.  Lalu Bu dokter menuliskan pesan di selembar kertas yang kemudian diberikan pada saya untuk dibawa pulang, bertuliskan:
1. Pasca infeksi virus GE (Gastro Enteritis)- Ringan
2. Lain kali jangan lupa minum oralit!
3. Ibu please join milis sehat@yahoogorups.com---belajar di www.milissehat.web.id
5. Skrining ADB

Dokter itu juga memberikan sebuah brosur tentang serangkaian "kuliah" yang diadakan komunitas sinergi dokter dan pasien di sini.

Di akhir sesi, dokter menanyakan tentang bagaimana imunisasi anak saya. Saya bilang terkahir imunisasi pas imunisasi campak, pernah terkena cacar air (jadi ga perlu imunisasi cacar), dan saya belum ambil MMR. saya masih bingung mau ambil MMR atau tidak karena katanya bukan imunisasi wajib, dan katanya ada efek samping terkait autis. Daaan lagi2, saya diceramahin untuk tidak membesarkan anak berdasar katanya2, suruh buka web milis sehat, ikut diskusi, ada semua ttg MMR. dan dijelaskan pula kalau MMR berbahaya, semua vaksin pasti sudah ditarik bu.

Hufffttt...............campur aduk perasaan saya saat itu, antara seneng banget ketemu dokter yang kucari selama ini, dan juga menyalahkan diri sendiri karena selama ini memang kurang mendedikasikan waktu untuk "belajar" tentang ini, juga menyalahkan suami karena membuatku diomelin dokter sendirian-----suami kerja, saya bolos. hahaaa.

Benar saja, saya tidak mendapat obat apapun untuk sakit anak saya (dan alhamdulillah di hari ketiga itu juga anak saya sembuh). Hanya diberikan rujukan ke lab untuk menjalani skrining ADB.

Dan sebelum pulang, saya dapat jackpotnya:

Dokter: "Ibu bekerja kan?"
Saya: "Iya dok..."
Dokter: "Dimana?"
Saya: "Bappenas dok"
Dokter: "Aduuuuhh Ibu...itu malah kerja di Bappenas kan harusnya terbuka untuk jadi pasien cerdas, baca-baca dan belajar buk!!"
(tertunduk malu)

PS: Sesampai di luar ruang praktik, saya baru sadar dan bertanya-tanya apakah dokter sebenarnya tau apa itu Bappenas. hahhahaha.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daftar PNS Nggak Ya?

"Time Flies...Orientasi CPNS Bappenas Tahun 2009"
Berhubung sekarang sedang "diobral" pendaftaran CPNS di hampir seluruh kementerian, saya akan turut meramaikan topik ini, termasuk juga untuk menjawab beberapa teman ke saya tentang:...sebaiknya daftar ga ya? jadi PNS ngapain aja ya? gajinya berapa ya? Kerjaannya ngapain aja yaMungkin ini bisa jadi seri ke 2 dari tulisan tentang tes CPNS saya sebelumnya di sini.Oh ya, untuk membatasai pembahasan, tulisan ini membahas untuk tes CPNS bagi lulusan S1 ya..yang nantinya akan menjadi PNS golongan IIIA.

Tulisan ini akan saya mulai dengan menceritakan mengapa saya mendaftar jadi CPNS dulu.

Hingga  saat ini sebenarnya saya juga nggak tau kenapa saya ingin jadi PNS (hahaha). Pertama kali daftar dulu, saya cuma ingin bekerja setelah lulus kuliah, dan kebetulan saat itu sedang ramai bukaan CPNS seperti sekarang ini. Saya yang sebenarnya saat itu pengin jadi Dosen, dan sudah mulai membantu beberapa dosen dalam menyiapkan kelasnya, tergoda juga untuk daftar PNS seperti teman2 seangkatan saya. Waktu itu saya mendaftar di beberapa Kementerian yang membutuhkan jurusan HI, dan syukur alhamdulillah saya justru diterima di Kementerian yang paling keren dan prestisius sedunia (ga boleh protes sama pengakuan sepihak penulis! hehe). Tapi saran saya bagi teman2 yang mau daftar, pastikan dulu motivasi teman2 apa (jangan kayak saya hehe) dan "tembaklah" kementerian yang menurut teman2 keren saja, bukan random seperti saya dulu. Beruntung sekali saya diterimanya di Bappenas, nggak membayangkan kalau ternyata saya diterima di suatu Kementerian yang ternyata "salah jurusan" bagi saya. Karena once kita keterima PNS di suatu kementerian, berarti seumur hidup akan kita habiskan di sana. Walaupun tentu saja, pilihan untuk keluar dari PNS atau pindah kementerian pasti bisa. Nah, belakangan saya tau bahwa motivasi saya menjadi PNS adalah untuk "bekerja" yaaa nggak salah2 amat, karena justru bermodal motivasi bekerja itu, saya mencintai pekerjaan saya, yang besar atau kecil, pasti berkontribusi bagi pembangunan Indonesia, setidaknya di sebagian pulau Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, dan Sulawesi  yang merupakan lingkup kerja saya (insya Allah).

Kementerian Apa?
Kementerian terbaik adalah Kementerian yang sesuai dengan minat (orang bule mengatakan passion) kita, dan memiliki budaya kerja yang efektif. Kalau untuk minat, saya nggak akan bahas di sini karena hanya kita sendiri yang bisa menentukan, dan memerlukan penelusuran mendalam apakah tupoksi kementerian tersebut sesuai dengan minat dan kemampuan kita. Tapi hal lain yang paling penting adalah: menilai budaya kerja di suatu kementerian tersebut, misalnya dengan mengajukan pertanyaan2 ini untuk kita jawab sendiri melalui riset kecil:
-Apakah kementerian tersebut memiliki banyak pekerjaan? (ugly truth, semakin banyak pekerjaan, semakin efektif kita bekerja--semakin sedikit pekerjaan, semakin besar potensi malas2an)
-Bagaimana potensi pengembangan kapasitas staf nya? (misalnya pelatihan2 dll--ini hampir semua kementerian sudah lumayan bagus sih kayaknya; termasuk  juga potensi sekolah lanjutan--S2 dan S3 mungkin--bisa dilihat dari komposisi pendidikan stafnya)
-Apakah kementerian tersebut memiliki jenjang karir yang jelas dan fair?
-Apakah hierarki atasan dan bawahan sangat absolut? (misalnya..kalau dulu ada bercandaan: staf CPNS jangan2 disuruh buatin kopi atau bawain tas si bos--hehe)
-Apakah kementerian tersebut sudah "bersih" dalam mengelola perjalanan dinas? hehe spesifik ya, tapi yah..ini bisa jadi salah satu tolak ukur seberapa "civilized" nya kementerian tersebut.
-hingga pertanyaan-pertanyaan seperti: Apakah di Kementerian tersebut banyak yang membolos? apakah banyak yang lembur? apakah banyak yang muda dan ganteng dan kaya? *mulai nglantur...

Kerjaannya Gimana?
Ketika awal-awal diterima jadi CPNS dulu, selama tahun-tahun pertama isinya cuma training..training...dan training.... Menurutku sih masa paling asik hehe..apalagi saya habis lulus kuliah jadi belum siap2 banget untuk bekerja. Training itu merupakan training wajib, mulai dari team building di Puncak, orientasi kantor selama seminggu, trus diklat perencana selama---1,5 bulan (kyknya), trus Diklat Prajabatan selama seminggu...dan ditutup dengan diklat perencana pertama (lanjutan) selama 2,5 bulan di Bandung. Baik banget kan pemerintah dalam mempersiapkan abdi negara nya? :) Teorinya, dengan berbekal training tersebut, kita lebih siap secara substansi untuk bekerja di kementerian kita (untuk diklat2 perencana itu), dan memiliki semangat kebersamaan dengan sesama PNS di kementerian lain (Diklat Prajabatan). Dan so far, dari training2 tersebut, saya optimis bahwa anak-anak muda yang menjadi PNS di berbagai kementerian tersebut siap membuat perubahan (insya Allah). Di sela-sela training itu, kita juga sudah mulai bekerja di kantor. Intinya, kalau kita bekerja di Kementerian, itu kan membuat policy/kebijakan dalam berbagai sekala: nasional, skala program/proyek, atau skala kantor (misal yang bekerja di bagian biro SDM atau biro umum), dalam berbagai jangka waktu: 5 tahun, 1 tahun, atau periode tertentu (misalnya proyek). Nah, untuk mencapai tujuan itu, banyak jenis pekerjaan yang kita kerjakan: dari menyiapkan substansi pemaparan/presentasi (menyusun latar belakang, sasaran, dan kebijakan itu sendiri), bertanya/berkonsultasi dengan pihak lain, sampai  mengunjungi lapangan, menulis notulen, laporan, menyelenggarakan rapat,mengirim undangan, dan fotokopi! Kadang ada masanya pekerjaan sedang banyak, ada masa pula pekerjaan sudah selesai.

Tekanan Kerjanya Gimana?
Menurutku, salah satu hal utama yang merupakan enaknya jadi PNS adalah tekanan kerja yang cukup kecil, sehingga kita bisa tampil all out. Tekanan kerja di sini dalam artian untuk dipecat jadi PNS ya. Kalaupun pekerjaan kita super banyak sampai lembur-lembur, bos galak dan perfeksionis, tapi itu masih lebih baik dibandingkan kalau kita juga punya kemungkinan dipecat atau diberhentikan dengan seenaknya. Saya membayangkan mungkin di swasta begitu ya: harus perform, kalau tidak dipecat. Walaupun saya sepakat kalau kita harus perform dimanapun kita berada. Justru karena hampir tidak ada ketakutan dipecat itu, kita harus all out...harus total...harus menyelesaikan pekerjaan sejauuuh kemampuan kita dengan bebas. Nikmatilah masa-masa sibuk dan lembur karena kita menjadi sangat produktif dan menikmati wiken, dan syukurilah masa-masa nganggur dengan meminjam buku-buku bagus di perpustakaan (ada juga lo perpusnya!). Karena bagaimanapun, masa lembur dan masa nganggur kita dibayar dengan menggunakan tax payer's money.

Gajinya Gimana?
Walaupun bukan yang utama, tapi gaji penting juga untuk dibahas, apalagi untuk teman2 pria, yang nantinya akan menjadi tulang punggung keluarga. Gaji PNS sebenarnya standar, semua golongan III A itu sama semua (kayaknya sih ya?). Yang membedakan kan sekarang ada istilah "remunerasi", tunjangan selain gaji. Konon remunerasi ini juga beda2 tiap Kementerian. Selain itu, ada pula honor terkait kegiatan tambahan yang kita kerjakan, misalnya kegiatan Kajian dan pembuatan Policy Paper. Kenapa tambahan? karena itu bukan tupoksi utama dari pekerjaan kita. Konon katanya, semua honor tambahan tersebut akan dihilangkan, dan dialihkan menjadi "gaji tunggal/all-in" yang lebih besar. Katanya sistem ini mulai tahun depan, tapi nggak tahu juga, namanya juga konon. Jadi PNS akan digaji dengan sistem pekerja swasta, yang gajinya besar tapi sudah, tidak ada tambahan apapun lagi selama sebulan itu. Menurutku sistem ini bagus banget sih, soalnya  kita sebagai PNS juga "bangga" karena bisa dengan bebas menyebut gaji kita berapa (ngga kayak sekarang yang selalu "dicurigai" mendapat saweran banyak sekali), juga untuk menghitung kepastian jumlah pendapatan kita sebulan, hal ini sangat berguna khususnya yang mau ambil kredit2 KPR atau barang lainnya... *curcol deh*. Kalau dibandingkan dengan gaji swasta gimana? Yaa....berhubung saya nggak tahu gaji swasta seperti nggak tahunya teman-teman tentang gaji saya, jadi yaa saya nggak tau juga gimana perbandingannya hahaha (piye sih!). Tapi satu hal yang pasti, kalau kata suami saya: saling memberitahu nominal gaji itu masih enak saat kita pertama kali bekerja, tapi kalau sudah beberapa tahun bekerja, itu sudah tergantung "mekanisme pasar" dan keberuntungan kita, apalagi buat yang bekerja di swasta dan sering dibajak perusahaan lain, hehe... iya kan? Tapi insya Allah, gaji PNS di jakarta cukup untuk hidup dengan layak dan berkeluarga di Jakarta, no worries.

Ndaftarnya Gimana?
Tahun ini, hampir semua Kementerian membuka lowongan CPNS. Untuk informasi lengkapnya bisa dilihat di www.menpan.go.id, dan tentu saja di website masing-masing kementerian yang diminati. Khusus untuk tempat saya bekerja., setelah tahun lalu moratorium, tahun ini Bappenas membuka kembali lowongan CPNS memperebutkan 47 posisi (kalau nggak salah itung saya), dengan deadline 22 September 2013, lebih lanjut bisa lihat di sini. Dulu saat awal-awal saya kerja di Jakarta, saya ingat waktu itu naik taksi dari depan kantor Bappenas. Supir taksi tanya ke saya apakah saya PNS di Bappenas, saya jawab iya. Selanjutnya, dia berkata: "Bayar berapa dulu mbak?",  saat itu saya merasa marah setengah mati, saya terdiam beberapa saat, berusaha tahan nafas dan bertanya: "Maksudnya apa ya Pak?", dan justru dia melanjutkan "Atau punya Saudara di sana? kan biasanya gitu...".  Saya ingin menjelaskan panjang lebar kepada bapak itu, bagaimana saya 5 kali pulang pergi dari Jogja ke Jakarta naik kereta untuk mengikuti setiap rangkaian tes di Bappenas, bagaimana saya harus mencari tumpangan di Jakarta untuk tes2 tersebut, bagaimana saya menghafal kosakata dalam buku-buku TPA yang super tebal itu, atau bagaimana saya berdoa setiap malam memohon hasil yang terbaik dari Allah, dan bagaimana saya setiap detik merefresh website Bappenas ketika hari H pengumuman hasil tes CPNS tersebut. Tapi yang keluar dari mulut saya hanya: "Tidak bayar, Pak. Saya juga tidak punya saudara di Jakarta. Bapak kalau mau daftar juga bisa, kalau berkualitas juga pasti diterima."  

"Siapa bisa, dia bisa...."

Akhir kata, dari lubuk hati yang paling dalam, saya mengajak teman-teman yang benar-benar ingin berkontribusi bagi Indonesia untuk mendaftar menjadi CPNS tahun ini. Kita semua ingin kan melihat  Indonesia bisa sukses membangun infrastuktur ini itu dari ujung Sabang sampai Merauke, ingin melihat masyarakat miskin berhasil mendapatkan kehidupan yang layak, ingin melihat setiap anak-anak mendapatkan pendidikan yang berkualitas, dan ingin melihat Indonesia menjadi negara maju... Mengapa tidak menjadi bagian dari perubahan itu? Jangan tunggu kami (pemerintah) mewujudkannya, tapi bantulah kami mewujudkannya...bergabunglah bersama kami!

*iklan layanan masyarakat ini tidak dipersembahkan oleh Kementerian manapun, hahahha

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Aisha's Development: 15 Months

Aisha enjoys morning walks in our neighborhoods
I am writing this post merely for reminder and measure on how my baby's development this far. Oh well, actually I have an obsession to have development update EACH month, to take picture of my baby EACH day....but what can I say? I'm just too lazy, my brain forgets, my camera uncharged, and my excuse is the biggest of all hehehe. But above all, I still manage to regularly read  Babycenter on my baby's development since the site send me email once a week to review the baby's development in each week. This website helps me alot to understand my baby behaviour and what to expect from her. So, this is my review on Aisha's Development up to, and especially in, her 15 months age.

Speech Development
Aisha in her 15 months can be considered as "full human being". She start to fully "understand the world" since last month, in her 15 months, when we went home for Mudik, meeting our friends and family in Malang and Jogjakarta. She, who already mumbling since her 8 months, suddenly became TALKING deliberatly like: "apa tu?", "Kunces" (kucing), "Tedes" (pedes), "ya", "dak" (nggak), "gadah" (gajah),  "nda ada" (nggak ada), "aduh", "aammaan" (amiin), and "mbah".. this words are beside some basic words she already mastered before, like: mama, papa, mam..mam (nenen), apa, and dadah..
She insist to wear adult T-Shirt, gift to my husband from his friend
When she wears something (glasses, hat, headbands), she will be very happy when we show her that she is beautiful (bring her to the mirror, show her the photo result)

Understanding Commands
But most of all, the most amazing development in her 15-16 months old is her complete response for our order. We can ask her to take her own shoes from the "lemari sepatu"  simply by saying: "Aisha mau ikut mama? kalau ikut, ambil sepatu sendiri", and she cheerly come to the Lemari, open the Pintu lemari, and correctly chose her own shoes which located side by side to our shoes. Actually the first time this thing happened was heroic, I myself almost cry hehehe....Because at the first time I didn't expect she would understand or even do my order. So after that, my world is changing into beautiful world a mother could wish: I can ask her to close the door, ask her to take her own drinking bottle, ask  her to take a bath (then she will try to open her clother--never success), ask her to go to sleep (then she will be heading to our bedroom), ask her to deliver things to my husband (from important thing like a handphone, to silly thing like a pillow--just to test her, hehehe), and any other command which she will do them happily. I am now thinking what other new commands I can give her next time hahhaha.

She doesn't want Papa leave...

Replicating Behaviour
This symptoms become very obvious in this 15 month as well. Aisha who previously only "watch" whatever we adults do, now starts to replicate this in her own way. She who usually doesn't like to wear hat or her jilab, suddenly wants to wear some Mukena/Rukuh when seeing me praying, and then she will do "sujud" when I do the same during Sholat. She also like to say "aduuuuh", after we coincidentally said that. Also she like to TAKE OVER whatever we do: gardening, opening refrigerator, sorting vegetables, reading newspaper, handling remote control, sitting in the couch,,all...
She ask to take over the watering from me

Do like a master...

And very happy!

Wants to join us in the dining table

Telling Informations
This is one of the most interesting part of her development this months. She likes to tell us informations, as if she is the only one who knows!! hahaha. So when we arrive at home from the office (usually at 5.30pm ), she starts to speak (or so) very fast, excited, while pointing whatever object she try to tell us. She sometimes point out the sky while saying "cepatamatupata,..."---we never understand, or points her toys and says the same: "cepatamatupata...tapata..."(and continue), and she is very happy when we respond her "story" with our excited face, as if we were understand haha. But if nothing feels intersted for her that day (maybe), Aisha will point out herself and say "mama...mama...tu papa..papa..", I dont know what she means but it seems that she try to tell us that she is mama, or she is papa, or she is "ayta..", sometimes she correctly said her name as "Ayta", but most of the time she also get confused whether her name "mama" or "papa".. haha baby!
Daily ritual: take whatever in my bag
One..two..three.. and she actions like this...
Praying with mama....
On Playing with Other Babies
Just as normal development stage, Aisha in this 15 months age just can not play WITH other babies, she can play TOGETHER with other babies, but in her each own way, and own toys. Actually she seems to be interested with other children, but she still shy in expressing herself infront of other baby/new people. Maybe this is because she kind of never meet people, as she always with the babysitter when me and my husband working. So what can we do as parents is just to bring him wherever we go to meet our friends during weekend, or push some interactions  with our guest at home. We believe that her courage will grow when she starts to attend playgroups, but we are thinking to send her for playgroup at least after her 2 years age. However, we are very happy that, although we never teach to do so, Aisha is able to share toys with other friends. This happens most of the time when we come to playground in a mall, or even with her toys at home when baby guest visiting. Also, since she stay at home all the time during the weekdays, she seems very enjoy when visiting somewhere during weekend. She will directly (walking by herself) explore the bookstores, the supermarket, zoo, lake and gardens near the house.

First time biking in two wheels bike, looks nervous (and sleepy??)

Enjoys playing with Nayla, our guest...
In Gramedia
Physical Development
Aisha starts to walk in her end of 14 months. And I think walking is the biggest milestone for baby: once she starts to walk, she starts to understand most of everything. I don't know whether there is correlations on this, but this happen to Aisha. In her 15 months today, Aisha has 6 teeth, realtively few comparing to other baby in her age. Also, her hairs are still few and not thick enough, but we have no worry for this as me and my husband happened to have little hairwhen we were baby. Aisha's weight is 10 kilograms, can not be considered fat at all, and even a little skinny. But we have no worries too since Aisha remains active and seems healthy. 

Enjoys walking here and there in the store
Well I think that's all for now. And most importantly, in her 15 Months old up to now, Aisha still enjoys  breastmilk from her mother! What a compliment from myself, haha... 9 months to go for breastfeeding her, and I am not really looking forward to that. Breastfeeding is so precious moments.

To sum up, this quotes indeed reflect how do we feel:


Monday, June 3, 2013

A Late Anniversary Note

Jadi mulai hari ini, saya berjanji untuk selalu menulis catatan bagi anniversary pernikahan kami, walaupun catatan untuk anniversary pertama saya kecepetan dan berjudul "Almost Anniversary", anniversary tahun ini note nya datang super telat. Gakapapa, yang penting tetap semangat dan sesuai target #okesip

Di usia pernikahan kedua kami, saya baru benar-benar menyadari bahwa saya sudah menikah and my life will never be the same again *muka serius, *benerin posisi duduk.

Alhamdulillah, menginjak tahun kedua tersebut, kami bisa menempati rumah baru kami, yang kecil, yang jauh, yang ndeso, dan yang milik kami sendiri :) Dengan perjuangan sepanjang tahun untuk menghemat uang jajan, menyeleksi film yang ditonton di bioskop kala wiken, mencoreti restoran2 mahal, daan..tutup mata dari gadget baru (khususnya suami, kalau saya mah kagak mudeng begituan). Suami memasrahkan sepenuhnya tabungan di tanganku, untuk kukelola, dan untuk diam-diam kutambahi. Walaupun sesekali berkurang juga karena tergoda tiket 0 rupiah dari Air Asia untuk menengok memori di Singapura, atau sekedar pulang kampung ke Malang dan Jogja (eh berima!), alhamdulillah..bulan Februari 2012, saya beranikan diri mengajukan proposal pembelian rumah ke suami. Dan alam seperti mengamini, hanya perlu waktu 3 minggu bagi kami untuk menemukan rumah yang pas di hati (well, prakteknya, kami sudah beberapa kali cuci mata lihat2 rumah sejak sebelum menikah, tapi uang tidak bisa diajak kompromi, haha). Dengan tinggal jauh dari orang tua kami berdua, rumah (benar-benar rumah secara fisik), memiliki arti yang sangat mendalam bagi kami, baik itu dari sisi identitas, ataupun sekuritas (perasaan aman dan nyaman).  Alhamdulillah, tepat saat kelahiran Aisha, KPR kami disetujui, dan sesaat setelah itu, batu pertama diletakkan.

Dengan kepindahan kami di rumah tersebut, dimulai pulai cerita perjalanan kami berangkat ke kantor. Beruntung kami bisa selalu berangkat ke kantor bersama, terimakasih kepada PT. KAI yang telah mensponsori romantisme perjalanan kami ke kantor, dari sama-sama mengejar kereta untuk bisa tiba di kantor tepat waktu, sama-sama baca buku di tengah sesaknya gerbong, sama-sama terjebak lebih dari satu jam di Stasiun Pasar Minggu gara-gara gangguan sinyal, sampai tidak sengaja saling bertemu di gerbong yang sama ketika pulang kantor. Meskipun kereta adalah hal yang selalu dan setiap hari kita jumpai, namun tak habis-habisnya kita membahas masalah kereta ini, dari kritik, makian, pujian,saran, dan entah berapa kali Ignathius Jonan dan Dahlan Iskan kami bawa-bawa dalam diskusi, bahkan Jokowi pun bisa ikut terseret kalau lagi hoki. Pokoknya diskusi kami bisa lama, bisa seru, seolah-olah penting, seolah-olah serius, padahal kita hanya sepasang suami istri yang sudah langsung lupa dengan urusan kereta kalau sudah ketemu Aisha.

Di tahun kedua pernikahan ini pula, saya  berkaca-kaca ketika mendapati suami membawakan oleh-oleh dari tugas di luar kota. Di tempat kerja yang barunya kini, suami saya jadi cukup sering bertugas ke luar kota, dan dari setiap tempat itu, tak lupa kami (saya dan Aisha), selalu dibawakannya oleh-oleh yang SANGAT spesifik, yang nggak kebayang bagaimana dia memilihkannya. Spesifik itu misalnya: dress dan rok nya Aisha (walaupun menurutku sih kemahalan gara2 suami gak tau biasanya harga baju bayi berapa), baju kerja ku (yang sangat muslimah hampir sedengkul! haha), gelang kalung dari batu-batu Martapura (yang harus berulang kali tanya ke ibu2 untuk milih model yang katanya bagus seperti apa), dan juga sendal mainku gara-gara tau aku kalau jalan2 pasti pakai sepatu :) Meskipun saya juga cukup sering ke luar kota, tapi mendapati oleh-oleh dari suami dari luar kota itu rasanya seperti papa pulang membawa cinta, hahahaha (lebay).

Hal lain yang akan slalu teringat di tahun kedua pernikahan kami adalah perjuangan kami dalam memberikan ASI untuk Aisha. Walaupun suami saya tidak menyusui (ok, ga perlu kutulis kenapa kan?), tapi gelar pejuang ASI pantas kusematkan di dada suamiku, walaupun tidak ada Air Susu di sana (ok jayus). Keputusan kuatku untuk memberikan ASI awalnya justru datang dari suamiku yang *dengan sotoynya* mengkuliahiku tentang asi yang didapatnya dari kultwit @IDAyahASI, juga membelikanku pompa asi Medela di ITC Ambasador (dan meminta pelayan toko untuk mempraktekkan cara pakainya!) saat aku sedang melahirkan di rumah sakit. Juga dengan kesediaannya menjaga Aisha (dan memberikan botol Asi), saat kutinggal dinas bermalam di luar kota. Dan menyarankanku tas cooler Asi yang bagus apa, membandingkan berbagai merk blue ice, juga mengantarkanku ke toko Asibayi untuk membelikan peralatan ini itu, yang seringnya aku kelupaan satu dan lain hal, dan harus diantar balik lagi (kalo udah gini sambil cemberut sih nganternya haha). But my point is, I might not be that excellent if I were MAN. At this point, I learn that there is another form of saying I love you in marriage.

Okay, this can get veeery long... Saya akan mengakhiri catatan ini dengan memanjatkan doa untuk suami saya, semoga Allah selalu menjaga  kesetiaan hatinya, ketajaman fikirnya, keramahan hatinya,kebaikan sikapnya, kelapangan jiwanya, kekuatan fisiknya, dan yang paling penting: keteguhan imannya.

Happy belated anniversary my dear husband, 
Thanks for making me falling in love many times, always with the same person.....
When he drives us directly from the office to Aisha's doctor for  immunization.

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