Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Aisha's Development after the Daycare

My previous post mainly talked about The Daycare and how I feel about the daycare I have choosen. In this post, I would like to mainly review some of Aisha's development (or behaviour) after her several days spent in the daycare. This post is both for a note-taking for myself to know Aisha's progress after the daycare, and also to calm myself that Aisha is okay and will be okay to spend her time in the daycare (*harap maklum masih was-was juga). So here some points of Aisha's development and changes after we put her 5 days in the daycare:

1. Talk alot MORE
I know that Aisha has been a "chatty" baby. Her verbal development has always been faster than her other development. For example, she started to walk in her 14 months old, but she already called mama and papa (and she meant it) since her 9 months old. Before her first birthday, Aisha already mastered the concept of me by saying "Ayta". 
BUT, just right after she experienced daycare, she talk alot mooore and mooore. She always comments on everything she sees, such as: "Mama...tatii...ayta naik tatii" (Aisha naik taksi), or when she sees a train on the road: "tetaa...atiik..atiik..ayta naik tetaa". Those kind of things. If there is nothing attract her attentions, she sings!! And she already mastered several songs by herself, of course using her own words: Cicak di dinding, Naik kereta api, Matahari terbenam. And several songs with our helps: Balonku ada lima, Burung Kutilang, Bebek Bebekku, and many more.  Aisha also can say "Dah ampe.." (udah nyampai) when we stop our vehicle and arrived home. Also, she said: "Baju pate..pate.." (Pakai baju), or correcting us by saying "Butan...butan.." (bukan), such as when the clothes we wear or she wears is not as her expectation. 

2. Interested in other people
Well, I can say that before Aisha went to the daycare, I am the only one who she preffered. Seriously, even compared to her father. When we met new people, even our family, Aisha always want to be with me all the time. She doesn't want to be in touch with her grandmother, grandfather, uncle, auntie, although she already know them (she pointed out her grandmother when asked where is "mbah").  Annnd...just right after 3 days Aisha spent in daycare, her grandmother visited from Jogja, and for the first time in life: Aisha recognize her grandmother!!! She often pointed out "ini mbah..", and also "Ayo mbah..main..", or "Mbah..yayi yayi" (ngajak mbah nya lari-lari). She showed her toys to Mbah, her books, her dolls, as if Aisha was making a presentation. And for the jackpot: Aisha refused me to help her taking a bath, and said: "mbah..mbah..ayta mandi..." Aisha asked my mother! haha. It was a surprising experience for my mother. 
Also, Aisha started to greet her friends in our neighborhood when we meet them in morning walk. She said happily to one of 3 years old girl: "Ayta mam..ayta mam.." (Aisha makan) while pointing me feeding her. Also she cheered "Dadaah..dadaah..." when there is another little girl waving her goodbye.

3. More active
The first day Aisha cameback from the daycare, her legs are warm, shows that she is tired. It was not surprising me though: one hour I observed her in the daycare, she walk around every corner to play the toys, She played the swing for a while, and then walk again to play "Plosotan", and then walk agoin to play "Kuda-kudaan", and stop by playing dolls, and imitate what her friends play, and all and all. Maybe Aisha is still excited to see alot of her favourite toys in a large colourfull rooms. 

4. Imitating every new words "perfectly"
Before, Aisha was only imitating the end sound of the world. Such as, when we said "dingin", she only said "ngin..". But now, she imitates whatever we said to her. When I said in the daycare: "Aisha pulang ya...", and talked to her friends while waving goodbye, she directly followed me saying "Ayta puyaan..ayta puyaan..dada..". And she suddenly can answer my greeting "Assalamualaikum", and she answered: "Ayaa..yayam.." Actually we forget to teach her about this, only practising in front of her. But  in her daycare, of course she practices alot this greeting for opening the classes and closings.  And now, Aisha also started to imitate whatever we said, from "mama mau kerja" (and she will said "Ayta teda") up to "Aduh..aduh..aduh..".

5. Eat by herself ALOT
In the daycare, Aisha sit together in small chairs with her friends, eating 3 times a day and 2 times snacking. The teacher always reported that Aisha eat alot, especially in the morning and evening (in afternoon at 11.30am usually she eats a little as Aisha has been eating alot during breakfast at 7 am and followed by snacking at 10 am). Although Aisha has mastered eating by herself before (since she practised Baby Led Weaning since 6 months old), but I still surprised that she is able to eat alot on her own. And just after this 5 days in daycare, I feel that Aisha has gained more weight. Alhamdulillah.

6. More Laugh and Alive
I dont know how to describe this "Alive". But Aisha has been very enthusiastic after her experience in daycare. She sings with very wide smiles, and sometimes clapping hand (I never teach her clapping while singing), and after finish a song, she will clap the hands and cheers: "yeeeeee!".For sure this is what she experienced in school. Also, she laughed alot when I play her some funny faces or tickling. She sings whenever there is a chance (while playing dolls, while reading a book, or while we are on the way to go). I hope that this enthusiasim is a result of her happines in the daycare.

In sum, I am so happy to put Aisha in daycare. Whenever I come home from the office and pick her, I feel so happy as I feel I will meet Aisha with another new things. Daycare turns our to give her a new and exciting experiences for Aisha in every aspects: new toys, new songs, new games, new words, and new friends. I do hope and pray that this very good developments will always follow Aisha's time in daycare in the future. I do hope Aisha could stop crying when we leave her (she still did though). 

Most of all, I pray to Allah that He will guide and bless our little Aisha in every aspect of her life, anytime, anywhere. Amiin.


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