Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Early Congratulation to My Husband

So this is a story about the pursuit of a biggest dream. It was 3 years ago, in 2011, my used to be boyfriend, decided to kick out an invitation of medical check up test, the final test of PT. Pertamina PGE. It was his dream, indeed. He applied the vacancy and conducted all of the series selection since 2010, before we both met. He decided not to take those final test, which most likely would be accepted, "only" because that the job placement will be in somewhere outside Jakarta. If accepted, this would  jeopardize our marriage plan. We were not prepared to have a long distance marriage. So after discussing this and that, consulting here and there, my ex boyfriend -now my husband- did not attend the medical test and left his big chance to be part of PGE. It was a hard decision. It took me sometimes to ensure myself that those decision was okay. And i believed it took more time for my husband to do the same. But most of all, i admired my husband alot on his way of thinking on priority, on how he has been so firm with our marriage plan, and moreover, i was fascinated with his confidence on his capability that someday, he will make his very dream come true again, in other way.

So life goes on. My husband continued to have a series of engineering jobs, which make my husband a privilage to me. I always proud of what my husband do for his jobs,  most of them are in private sectors, or an outsourced employee in the governemnt enterprise. It goes until this last 3 years. He has been succeding his jobs. his three jobs in three years. His bright jobs, but not his career. Yes, not his career. He needs to have a larger contribution for society, not only for a (private) company. And most of all, there is a need for him to start building a career path, the thing he could not build highest in private mining and oil company in Jakarta.

So he decided to give Pertamina another shot. This time is Pertamina EP. He has been working for Pertamina EP here in the headquarter Jakarta with outsource status for a year until now. My husband explain to me that he is ready to pursue for a bigger contribution. To do so, he must be part of PEP, as a permanent employer. So he applied. And again, another series selection is joined, from capability test, english, interterview. He was invited again for the final selection: medical check up. It took more than half a year to complete the final result: he is accepted. He is granted an offering letter from PEP to be a permanent employee. But he will be placed in Prabumulih. It was both happy, and yet shocking news.

This offering letter has made us think hard this past few days. My husband asked to have quite sometimes to think. He would make his very best negotiation he could to make the offer better. And he was really doing his best to do so, i know. The fact that we have never been separated during our 3 years of marriage has made us think how we would cope with this option. And he has not come to the decision regarding this offer. We would give ourself sometime to think comprehensively about this.

However, regardles the decision we may take, or where luck will bring us,  i have to say: congratulation my husband! You have lived your biggest dream job from time to time..

My husband has been persistent in keeping a dream, and know how to give it a shot. For me, he already an employee of  the biggest government oil company he always dream of. Being accepted twice has shown enough of his capability i always respect. And i am so proud of him.


duniaummi said...

aku dulu pernah dalam kondisi ini, meskipun cuma karawang-jakarta. Tapi keputusan itu terasa nikmat, setelah aku temukan sebuah ayat (aku lupa ayat berapa) yang intinya bahwa Alloh akan menempatkan kita di sebaik-baik tempat. Dan sebaik- baik tempat adalah tempat yang diberkahi. semoga lancaaaar ya urusannya

Wiwien said...
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Wiwien said...
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