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Aisha's Development: 15 Months

Aisha enjoys morning walks in our neighborhoods
I am writing this post merely for reminder and measure on how my baby's development this far. Oh well, actually I have an obsession to have development update EACH month, to take picture of my baby EACH day....but what can I say? I'm just too lazy, my brain forgets, my camera uncharged, and my excuse is the biggest of all hehehe. But above all, I still manage to regularly read  Babycenter on my baby's development since the site send me email once a week to review the baby's development in each week. This website helps me alot to understand my baby behaviour and what to expect from her. So, this is my review on Aisha's Development up to, and especially in, her 15 months age.

Speech Development
Aisha in her 15 months can be considered as "full human being". She start to fully "understand the world" since last month, in her 15 months, when we went home for Mudik, meeting our friends and family in Malang and Jogjakarta. She, who already mumbling since her 8 months, suddenly became TALKING deliberatly like: "apa tu?", "Kunces" (kucing), "Tedes" (pedes), "ya", "dak" (nggak), "gadah" (gajah),  "nda ada" (nggak ada), "aduh", "aammaan" (amiin), and "mbah".. this words are beside some basic words she already mastered before, like: mama, papa, mam..mam (nenen), apa, and dadah..
She insist to wear adult T-Shirt, gift to my husband from his friend
When she wears something (glasses, hat, headbands), she will be very happy when we show her that she is beautiful (bring her to the mirror, show her the photo result)

Understanding Commands
But most of all, the most amazing development in her 15-16 months old is her complete response for our order. We can ask her to take her own shoes from the "lemari sepatu"  simply by saying: "Aisha mau ikut mama? kalau ikut, ambil sepatu sendiri", and she cheerly come to the Lemari, open the Pintu lemari, and correctly chose her own shoes which located side by side to our shoes. Actually the first time this thing happened was heroic, I myself almost cry hehehe....Because at the first time I didn't expect she would understand or even do my order. So after that, my world is changing into beautiful world a mother could wish: I can ask her to close the door, ask her to take her own drinking bottle, ask  her to take a bath (then she will try to open her clother--never success), ask her to go to sleep (then she will be heading to our bedroom), ask her to deliver things to my husband (from important thing like a handphone, to silly thing like a pillow--just to test her, hehehe), and any other command which she will do them happily. I am now thinking what other new commands I can give her next time hahhaha.

She doesn't want Papa leave...

Replicating Behaviour
This symptoms become very obvious in this 15 month as well. Aisha who previously only "watch" whatever we adults do, now starts to replicate this in her own way. She who usually doesn't like to wear hat or her jilab, suddenly wants to wear some Mukena/Rukuh when seeing me praying, and then she will do "sujud" when I do the same during Sholat. She also like to say "aduuuuh", after we coincidentally said that. Also she like to TAKE OVER whatever we do: gardening, opening refrigerator, sorting vegetables, reading newspaper, handling remote control, sitting in the couch,,all...
She ask to take over the watering from me

Do like a master...

And very happy!

Wants to join us in the dining table

Telling Informations
This is one of the most interesting part of her development this months. She likes to tell us informations, as if she is the only one who knows!! hahaha. So when we arrive at home from the office (usually at 5.30pm ), she starts to speak (or so) very fast, excited, while pointing whatever object she try to tell us. She sometimes point out the sky while saying "cepatamatupata,..."---we never understand, or points her toys and says the same: "cepatamatupata...tapata..."(and continue), and she is very happy when we respond her "story" with our excited face, as if we were understand haha. But if nothing feels intersted for her that day (maybe), Aisha will point out herself and say "mama...mama...tu papa..papa..", I dont know what she means but it seems that she try to tell us that she is mama, or she is papa, or she is "ayta..", sometimes she correctly said her name as "Ayta", but most of the time she also get confused whether her name "mama" or "papa".. haha baby!
Daily ritual: take whatever in my bag
One..two..three.. and she actions like this...
Praying with mama....
On Playing with Other Babies
Just as normal development stage, Aisha in this 15 months age just can not play WITH other babies, she can play TOGETHER with other babies, but in her each own way, and own toys. Actually she seems to be interested with other children, but she still shy in expressing herself infront of other baby/new people. Maybe this is because she kind of never meet people, as she always with the babysitter when me and my husband working. So what can we do as parents is just to bring him wherever we go to meet our friends during weekend, or push some interactions  with our guest at home. We believe that her courage will grow when she starts to attend playgroups, but we are thinking to send her for playgroup at least after her 2 years age. However, we are very happy that, although we never teach to do so, Aisha is able to share toys with other friends. This happens most of the time when we come to playground in a mall, or even with her toys at home when baby guest visiting. Also, since she stay at home all the time during the weekdays, she seems very enjoy when visiting somewhere during weekend. She will directly (walking by herself) explore the bookstores, the supermarket, zoo, lake and gardens near the house.

First time biking in two wheels bike, looks nervous (and sleepy??)

Enjoys playing with Nayla, our guest...
In Gramedia
Physical Development
Aisha starts to walk in her end of 14 months. And I think walking is the biggest milestone for baby: once she starts to walk, she starts to understand most of everything. I don't know whether there is correlations on this, but this happen to Aisha. In her 15 months today, Aisha has 6 teeth, realtively few comparing to other baby in her age. Also, her hairs are still few and not thick enough, but we have no worry for this as me and my husband happened to have little hairwhen we were baby. Aisha's weight is 10 kilograms, can not be considered fat at all, and even a little skinny. But we have no worries too since Aisha remains active and seems healthy. 

Enjoys walking here and there in the store
Well I think that's all for now. And most importantly, in her 15 Months old up to now, Aisha still enjoys  breastmilk from her mother! What a compliment from myself, haha... 9 months to go for breastfeeding her, and I am not really looking forward to that. Breastfeeding is so precious moments.

To sum up, this quotes indeed reflect how do we feel:



helga yudistira said...

Aytaaaa..... lucu banget siiiihhh...
itu boneka onyek nya sama kaya punya Zio..hehehe

btw , pancen bikin nangis ya Win nek lihat perkembangan anak kita. Hampir semua perkembanagan Aisha sama dengan Zio.. kesimpulane pancen step perkembangan anak ki podho yo..

ah win , aku wis kemimpen Zio pamit sekolah naik sepeda sendiri .. hahahahhaha

Wiwien said...

Haha iyaa ciil...rasanya kl pas baca progres mingguan di babycenter itu jg ngerasa ini valid bener research nya krn bs hampir sama progresnya. Tapi itu faktor stimulasi juga mungkin cil, krn kita kan baca dan belajar juga anak segini bagusnya distimulasi apa, jadi ya hasilnya mirip mirp satu ma yg lain hehehe... bsk kabarin progres sekolahnya zio ya kl dah dapet... Haha nek zio wis iso pamit sekolah, dirimu udah sibuk ngurus adiknya zio cil hahahahaha

helga yudistira said...

ho oh sih ya... tergantung kita menstimulan anak kita. AKu yo langganan baby center, kadang kayak prestasi banget pas baca list perkembangan anak yang lebih sering pas sama perkembangan Zio.

Eh nek maslah adik nya ZIo, sik win ... mengko sik ... eh kowe ndhisik wae...

helga yudistira said...

btw pernah Zio kuajak ke Gramedia, langsung lari2 sibuk nyari buku. trus ta ajak ke rak buku anak seneng banget.. nah pas kuwi ada tumpukan buku Thomas.,saking senengnya , ... done ... ambruk kabeh... hahahhaha

Wiwien said...

Hahahaa...wis reti buku tomas to cil? pinteree...iyo nek nang gramedia sing ketar ketir mboke...sakjane kita bisa berpura2 jd orang lain dan dibiarin aja ambruk ya, tapi kok tega, hahahaa

Dyah Widiastuti said...
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dyahwie said...

Seru banget Wien. Anakmu pinteer! Pertanyaanku siji: rambutnya kapan ganti gaya? :D

Wiwien said...

haha iyo iki mbak,,,semoga segera ganti gaya: dari gundul ke lebat!! (itu bukan gaya sih ya? haha)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hug her,,aku terharu baca blog nya..keep inspiring ya win :)

Annisa Gita said...

eh btw, yang posting diatas aku win,,,hahaha..

Wiwien said...

haha thanks mbak

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