Friday, December 19, 2014

10 things I love about my husband

It was sugested by an article I read somewhere, to write down a list of ten about everything we like about our partner. So,  we can refer to them at anytime. This is also to keep the spark of our love at anytime we read them. 

So, here is my list:

1. My husband proposed me on the third "date". He showed me how a real man should do in addressing his ongoing relationship. His action restored my faith again, that a man should be decisive and brave in taking action. 

2. If I can pick one personality that represent my husband as a whole is: HONEST. He is very honest in everything. I can guess easily what he's up to at the moment, because he always tell me everything (from important things like what he wants to do with his carrier, to unimportant things like what he thinks about his boss, haha), and he updates me if there is something change. He seems no problem at all when spotting me reading his phone messages, etc (--well, most of wives do I guess :p). He directly told me how he earns on the first dates (don't get me wrong, I didn't ask). That made me love his honesty in the first place, and since the first time. To me, privacy will be "shared privacy". The privacy will be our privacy, privacy is between us, against anybody outside us. I always appreciate an honest people more, since I can only be silent and can't confrontate when people tell a lie (and most of the time, I know that they do). So, honesty is a the basis for evey further step I take in life. 

3. He has same minded friends like me, and my friends can get along with him really well. This is important part since this fact confirms the fact that he is honest with friends, and most likely with everybody. 

4.He is very persistent with his principle and idealism, and doesn't mind if other people knew about that, even if he beccomes different. His persistency shown in a wide range aspect: from work ethic (not receiving money offered by vendor, colleague-private boundaries, etc), in practising religion (not "drinking' during an international function, etc), and of course in family (consistently support me in nurtuting the baby, cooking, etc).

5. He is outspoken but also sensitive at the same time. He is from East Java, so saying his feelings or wants has never been a problem for him (unlike me). He will directly say no without hesitation, at any occasion. However, he is sensitive for any gesture or behaviour. He will know that I am not happy with his behaviour by one gesture I showed to him, he will notice when I suddenly silent or when my mimic change, etc. :)

6. He is generous. Although I am not financially dependent to him, but somehow it feels so good to be with somebody generous :))

7. He appreciate my carrier. He likes to listen whatever I say about what happen in my office, and give insightful feedbacks, he support me when I have business trip to other cities or countries (by feeding my baby with frozen ASI and nurture her the whole night). He remembers most of the colleague's names I ever mentioned to him, even if the name is very far related. like: my friend in the office who attended the same university with him, but different major, and different directorate with me :)). And he also makes friends with my friends in the office. And most importantly, he is happy when I got the scholarship for my master degree. I do not earn that much,so the pride from my husband means everything to me.

8. He is a attentive. By nature, I am a typical woman who likes intense attention and constant presence of a man (husband). My husband feed those needs just perfectly. He never missed of knowing whatever I am doing from I wake up in the morning until I sleep at night. He say hi in the morning, know my activity for the day (although most of them are just working in the office :p), and what time I go to bed. 

9. He always knows that I am angry or not happy (although he might not really know why, haha). It feels so relief to know that my husband know that I am not happy with what he is doing, sometimes we just need the mesage sent, without solution.  I know that maybe he read it  somewhere on how to treat 'angry woman', but he really practices the suggestion from the book. He makes efforts to make me happy again, and I like it. Well, I am not angry often, my default as an Aries girl is happy and positive (hehe apologize my astrology refference, but that's the basic character of an Aries girl and it's true to me). But, of course everything is not always in our expectation.
10. At last, and the best thing I love from him is that, he said "I love you" to me very often. Hehehehe. He said it on at least daily basis, sometimes couple of hourly basis hehe...through a text or whatsapp, and occasionally he emailed me heart to heart expressing saying love too, and even in the middle of his sleep he will say I love you when open his eyes a little, hahaha. I know that love is action...even without being said, love can be crealy shown. But, what about action plus saying I love you?  Instantly melting.

I think that's all for now. My husband is not perfect, no body is perfect. It is love which can see perfection in imperfection. And this is how I promised myself to always love him. 

May Allah bless our love until forever and hereafter. Amiiin. 


Kiki Fauzia said...

Lovely-written, Mbak Wien ;). Happy to read that. No 10 is so sweet. Mungkin 10 things kurang ya Mbak.... Cieh cieh mbaak! ;-*

Wiwien said...

Thank you Kiki... Ditunggu tulisannya besok maret!!

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