Friday, February 10, 2012

Almost Anniversary

Yesterday my and my husband went to our SPOG as what we always do every month since around 6 months ago. Since I still have the meeting in the office up to 6.30 pm, he went to the hospital first to "queue",since the my doctor will see the patients on the first come first come first serve basis. I just feels normal when he did this since he often do many many things for me. I realize how special it is when he updated a status on social media into "go to the "pregnancy doctor" without the pregnant wife". Ah,yes, my husband, a man, after finishing his job in the office and the field, voluntarily went to see the pregnancy doctor, where there are full of pregnant women. And still, he was doing it as if it was so normal,as if it is his "job" that the has to do. And so, I made him wait in the hospital around one hour until I finished my meeting in the office.

Let's get back to several days before,and probably several months before,when other usual things starts to happen. Normally, he will be home from the office earlier than me since he starts the office at 7am, while I start at 9 am. So,when I can't be home at 5pm,and he already had rest at home, he always told me "I will pick you". And he always do. When I said I'm ready to go home, he directly goes to my office at anytime,so far the latest recorded is at 11 pm! But what makes me sometimes hurt is that when I asked him to pick me when he just arrived at home for 15 minutes, or when he has to wait outside my office for quite sometimes since I (still) can't leave the office. And yet, he welcomes me smilingly, as if what I do is normal, as if picking me up is the thing he should do.

When I am alone in the house, and I can see him in every small part in our room. As I clean the house,I see his passion when I saw his business card/namecard dropped from the drawer.What interesting about his business card is that he get "hijacked" to other company which is a lot better than his previous one. Also that now his works is a lot related to his passion. And when he told me about his job, I can't be proud more. He is also the one who teach me to find my passion, that my job is not my career, that I can do more outside my job. He wants me to be big, to be brave, to break the glass ceiling that hinder me. Ah,you're like the "hati kecil" that always say courage to me.

Also when I am his with friends. It makes me realize that there is a very clear distinct definition of "friends" and "people". He doesn't have a big number of good friends, but his good friends are very very loyal to him. I can't say no more. His friends remember every detail of him and his family, his friends wants to see him wherever they have chance, they talk positive things, support each other sincerely, and is very happy when my husband aske them to do something. And most of all, his friends welcome me very very warmly. But my husband is also doing anything he can for his friends too, from picking them one by one in their house that located in reverse direction, until giving things that my husband himself needs and wants. Ah,again,it is very simple, but I think this is what is meant by the saying: "what the friends are for". I don't think I ever feel that one before.

Ah,this everything makes me realize that I am not the one who deserve to love my husband. In fact, he is surrounded by people love him. So when it is time for our first anniversary next week, I can no longer say I love you. An I love you is not enough. I'm lucky to realize how God has blessed you with sincerity, passion, smart brain, and cheerfulness.

Happy anniversary my husband, me and the whole universe love you very much.

*the picture is his first flower he ever gave to me as he said he would only give me flower when we already married :p


tiara danarianti said...

what a sweet post!

Karina said...

mbak wiwin! aaaak. mupeng pengen kawin! hahaha... Selamat anniversary mbak win dan suami. Langgeng selalu sampe surga! :)

Wiwien said...

haha thanks karin n tiara! ayo nikah :p

Tara Rahmani said...

mbak wiwien...kapan lahirannyaa?? sekarang dah berapa bulaaan? :D

iko_iko said...

hooo..... Spirit of Anniversary, I know what you think and feeling about your husband. how bless we are ya to have awesome husband :), eh you are dulu deh. Happily ever after ya

Wiwien said...

@tara: taraaa, aku baru lihat komenmu *doh!
alhamdulillah baby udah 3,5 bulan, sepantaran kan yah?
@mbak ikoo: hehehe salam buat your awesome husband ya ;))

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