Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How I Met Your Father

So kid,this is a story about how I met your father..

But don't worry,it's not like the original movie (How I met your mother) which contains looong session and episodes, mine will be short,,,yet,so sweet that I would be so glad to share this story to everybody who asked me,until now.

Listen carefully Miss/Mr Widiaribowo-Junior, coz this story is specially dedicated for you.. And,this is also a time to thanks to everybody who coincidentally help us to make our love story as in the dreamland *yaelah

So,it was around June 2010 when I commented in the status/posting of my facebook friend,aunt Noni. The status is about how abundant is the Angkot in Bogor!(She might be in Bogor at that time). I forgot what I said in that comment,but then here it is your father commented on my comment, and we continue to exhcange comments on your anut Noni posting in facebook, until soo long only the two of us :p Yes, finally we ended that conversation in that comments.

But,your father, is kind of niat that he sent me direct message through facebook that night,asking me whether I'm doing good and whether I'm staying in jakarta.and that conversation continue long long again until the day after,when finally he asked my number and asked whether we can meet that weekend,but I said I only can meet on the next 2 weekend.

So on the first meeting we went to the mall which has the most convenient mushollas in Jakarta: Pondok Indah Mall,where I have never been there. Since I don't know the way at all,I depend on his navigation skill in jakarta road which I have to admit not bad at all :p We first have an appointment in Halte busway Dukuh Atas (ah ya I came like 15 minutes late :p),and directly headed to PIM which takes us around 30 minutes by bus and continue by taxi. Here we ended our first meeting by having lunch (forget the place,rice bowl?), and watch movie (right?),haha how on earth I forget what I did in the first date. And he accompany me until I am home and lended me 3 books of Pidi Baiq, which I do sooo much like Pidi Baiq since then.

And the second meeting is the next weekend,we have appointment in Taman Suropati on sunday morning, after I finished jogging and he finished playing tennis in GOR sumantri Kuningan. But those was not kind of real date since he brought his tennis friend,Uncle Abol/Gian, and I was with a friend too for jogging, Aunt Ai. So,there were four of us in our second date, eating breakfast ( I guess it was gudeg), near Taman Suropati. It was a fruitful chit chat since I got the first good impression of your father when he is with his friend and with my friend. After the meeting, aunt Aik said that your father might really fall in love with me, haha. (And later I found out that uncle Abol said I'm so similar with your father in term of the-so-javanese-thing in us :p). We went home by our own after having breakfast,and that's we ended our second date.

Before we met for the third date, there was a yellow package reached my room in kos-kosan. It was a CDMA handphone, with an A4 paper size full of hand writing and pictures of smiling faces (picture is written by hand!!). Who else? It's your father sending me a CDMA phone,telling me that it is cheaper for him to call me through this phone than to my existing number in my phone (different provider), he bought the same CDMA phone too. It was surprising me, yet making me realize that he might be real serious with me, until what I found out on our third meeting the next following weekend.

It was on july 2010,around three weeks after the first time we met.
We met on sunday,after I finished jogging and he finished playing tennis with his friends again. But I took my time to take a bath,which he directly had breakfast with his friends after tennis,and later he told me that he hadn't taken a bath :p.
We met in Plaza Indonesia to watch Shrek movie, and continue our walks to Thamrin City to get some batik for him attending wedding, and stop by in Grand Indonesia,eating Burger King.

And here we go,in the convenient (fast food) restaurant, he said, "would you be my wife?"

I really stop breathing for few seconds, choosing the best words to answers, thinking what expression should I show,but my mouth kind of not able too cooperate with me as what came out as my answer was only a word:


And he answered my answer with a (long) presentation: on why it needed one year to marry me, on how he plan for one year to make savings for wedding preparation and life after wedding,he also told me exactly how much he earn for a month, and his vision and mission on a marriage. Me? Only paying attention to him very carefully since I didn't prepare any presentation at all. But while listening to him talking that time, I realize that this is the man who will make collaboration with the rest of my life...

So kid, I was about to end the story, that is how I met your father. But we didn't married one year after that, as finally we decided to make it faster :D We married around six month after that,on Februari 2011. Our family meet each other twice before the wedding. And during the first family meeting, your grandpa (father of your father), said this when his family come to my family to propose me (well,many people considered this as an engagement): "our family would like to propose your daughter, please let us know which one is called Wiwien". Hahaha,yes, his family never met me before,only by photos and by your father's story about me.

At last but the most important part, I didn't chose your father randomly by my facebook friends list in Jakarta or so (don't worry! Haha), me and your father have ever met before, 8 years ago. In fact, we attended the same high school in Jogja and he is my senior,one of the heads of student body.So,I knew him by his popularity (well yeah :p), but we never managed to chat personally at all. I also still surprise that we still remember each other when we met in Facebook last year.

So kid, while you're there so close to God,thanks Him for the director of this story to know,that's amazing of God through Mark Zuckerberg! Lol.

And, anyway, your father's name is Anas Yusuf Widiaribowo, that's why I called you widiaribowo-junior earlier in this writing :D

Okay Kid, don't you feel so excited to meet your father?

PS:if you noticed the different in the font/writings in this post, that's because I wrote it first in Ms Word when I'm out of the internet connection. Promise will never do it again! :p


Anonymous said...


wiwien said...

thank youuu mbak lettiii :*

Kiki Fauzia said...

Embaaaakk, what a cute story :))
I couldn't help 'mesam-mesem' while reading it.

Semoga Mbak Wien & baby sehat luar dalam..

wiwien said...

thank youu kiki cantiiik :)
amiiiin, makasih doanyaayaaa yaa kiki, smga sukses slalu buat kiki,,karir n cita cintanyaa nanti,,amiiin :D

tiara danarianti said...

aku wis deg2an pas baca awalnya, kok isoooo ngedate 3 kali dilamar langsung gelem, hahahaha.. nice post mba!!

wiwien said...

hahaha iyo ki ti,,mbuh piye,,tp dari dulu ak kan gak percaya kalo chemistry itu ada, tp pas pertama kali ketemu dia di facebook, rasanya chemistry itu beneran adaa..haha.. :))
sukses buatmu ya ti,,ayo (kamu) bikin reuni HI lagi,,, :p

Anis said...


Tulisan ini hadiah terindah untuk si calon baby non, insyaAllah ;)


wiwien said...

hehe tengkyuu niis...ayok ah ada gosip apa nih nis :p

Anis said...

Ooohh, sekarang bisa request gosip sama wiwien to. Asiik :D
gak ada gosip apa-apa kok wien, still looking for a-PhD (-almost-Perfect Husband and Daddy) hihihi

wiwien said...

Amiin, insya Allah akan segera tiba sosok itu nis :D

hmm,,la soale ak mendengar ada kabar2 burung tentang gosipmu,,tp ya berhubung jaraknya udah jakarta-jogja, jd mungkin banyk ketambahan bumbu :))

Anis said...

Allahumma aamiin, berharap sesederhana kisahmu saja wien :)

Hehehe, aku tahu ini anginnya ke mana :p kalau teman-teman waktu itu maunya bercanda dan ngartiin macem-macem, apa ya aku mesti langsung pasang tampang garang, hahaha. Ikut air mengalir, baru berbelok waktu arusnya dah tenang ;)

alinechandra said...

Aku baca di kantor sambil senyam senyum sendiri!

Wiwien said...

haha tengkyu lin!

Nandini said...


kayaknya aku besok harus bikin buku deh buat anak2ku tentang 'jungkir balik'nya kami berdua sebelum, ketika dan setelah bertemu.. :))

Wiwien said...

haha kayaknya gak cuma anak2mu yg pengin tau mom,, aku juga pengin baca bukumu ituu :))

iko_iko said...

Ehehe... ikutan mesam-mesem, nice story Win. Bilang Thanks to Pak Zuckerberg juga lah ya kalo gitu . Seru2 kalo pada bikin cerita. Si Momy dah jadi ngeluarin buku belum sih.

Maisya said...

Wien...lagi blogwalking dan mampir ke blog mu. *setelah sekian lama hidup dengan koneksi internet terbatas*
Nice story. I like watching HIMYM. And when I read this story -- HIMYF -- I fall in love with this story as well.

Semoga bahagia selalu ya wien! :)

Wiwien said...

mbak iko: tengkyuu mbak, wah iya nih blum ngu[pdate mommy lagi..
@ icha: welcomeback home icha!! skrg sibuk apa? btw apa itu HIMYF

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