Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Transit in Singapore

So this is my 3rd time transit in Changi Airport, the previous two were transit to Vienna and Ho Chi Minh.  For me, Singapore is not just a neighbouring country. Arriving in Singapore remains me of a fully spirited student life, although very limitted in scholarships, but happiness in meeting new international friends is very limitted. And most of those good friendships remain up to now. I enjoy reading Strait Times, which always share optimisim, yet kind of boring comparing to Indonesian newspaper haha. But this remains me on my killing time night, reading Strait Times in the common hall for free, and end up with playing some cards with Indian friends. While writing

So, this is me again, waiting my flight to Moscow that later will bring me to Dushanbe. Another inovation offered by changei is that they give us USD 40 voucher to shop in changi airpor because we use Singapore airlines. How magnificent is that! And i directly run to Times Bookstore, picks 2 music books for my sweetheart that i left at home for a week, Aisha.

Okay, this is 2.30am, my flight is ready to depart, hope i can write again in Domdodedovo Airport, Moscow.


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