Friday, May 16, 2014


An empty road, and it is still long way to go..
When looking back, it was a short, beautifull path
I can only stare of what I have done, of what we have done,
And what it has became, or why it has became empty.
I wonder where all the flying spirit gone.

Now that I try to walk closer,
But you stand still.
Or I want to comfort better,
But you may wonder.
If I just let the gloomy stay,
I may sweep what still left, away.
It was "stuck in a moment and I can't get up".

It is a scary phase,
It was me who failed in this same point.
And losing the precious mine once upon a time.

Indeed,  it is a working in progress.
It is not supposed to be happy ending,
It is a life time efforts, a long life endurance,
A continuous presentation,
A sincere action, without being demanding on the same response.

I just...want to hear you call, in the middle of the lunch,

and say “Hi..”.


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